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Some suggestions for Willow

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So I like Willow's rebalances, nifty piece of work,
but I think she gets to much fire damage and the
lighter's durability is too low. Here are my suggestions:
-Willow should have higher fire resistance (maybe like 60-75%)
-the lighter should have a higher durability
-the lighter should lose like 15% durability when lighting something
-the lighter should lose like 6% durability when attacking something

Oh, and for the grogginess, I like it, and I think mandrakes should
now be generated in the world again and should be renewable in
some kinda way.

What do you think?

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Well... I love Klei and all... but I feel like most of the changes are not helpful for preventing griefing, and do a lot to, well, destroy Willow as a useful character (granted, I thought she was pretty useless before, too).


Let's look at each change and see how it impacts griefing...

  • Willow’s fire damage reduction is now 50% (down from 100%) - This doesn't really affect griefing at all, as far as I can tell. It makes her worse in PvP, so now she's pretty unequivocally bad in it (down from being the best option before the general fire damage nerfs).
  • Willow’s lighter can now be crafted, Willow’s lighter now lasts for 20 clock segments (down from forever) - I don't think this prevents griefing at all. If Willow just started with a torch instead, she'd be practically as good for griefing. The reason players pick her is because they can get out on their own right away, and burn stuff right away without having to collect anything. I suppose this limits her spree a bit, but 20 segments is around 6 night's worth of duration, so... This does make killing Willow for her lighter less attractive, and cooperating with a Willow who can supply lighters a little more attractive, but really not much-- the lighter is pretty expensive. I'd rather use torches, personally.
  • Willow no longer lights fires when her sanity is low - Definitely removes her noob trap aspect
  • Willow now takes 10% increased effects from sanity auras - Interesting, I guess? It looks from the code that it's actually a little more far-reaching-- she has a 1.1 multiplier on all sanity rate, applied after the normal sanity rate is calculated. So this should make tam o'shanter better? It's interesting, but not really in Willow's spirit, I guess.

But it looks from the files like Willow's going to have a new item soon. Maybe her nature is going to be changed to fit a new role?

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I would make Willow:

  • Immune to fire damage
  • Has a sweet lighter
  • Regenerates sanity near fire
  • Takes 25% extra physical damage
  • When sanity is below 50%, Willow won't know how to turn the lighter on
  • When it rains, Willow's sanity drops even faster

The lighter like before, forever. And also editing the onequip function so that it only ignites when Willow holds it and has enough sanity.

And since water extinguishes fire, why not make Willow go crazy with water, and wetness later on?

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I like the idea that Willow's Lighter should deplete durability only when used to attack or set things on fire.  So if players value Willow's Lighter as an infinite light source, they will avoid as much as possible, using it for combat or fire.  This will also encourage the use of Torches instead to light things up.


Perhaps each time you try to set something on fire, it uses up 1-2% until finished.  Then you can take out Willow's Lighter as a craft-able item, as it will disappear based on how the player uses it.   


Based on the recent Fireside Chat, I think fire spread will be reduced to a smaller area of effect. 


> > >


My guess about Willow's new hat is that it will prevent insanity fires. :indecisiveness:


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THE one advantage Wilson has is that he doesn't have disadvantages. Plus; grows a beard (keep warmer at winters or make an effigy much easier). Willow had a lighter. It permanently occupied an inventory slot, but you also had a permanent mini-torch. This is a must have. As it has been said before, who is going to bother making another one when you have a recipe for torches? Anyone who would cause grief on a server could do just the same with a limited lighter before making torches on the way.


As for littering the server with lighters; if you need to make them "rot", make it craftable out of one charcoal and one twig. Call it "potrable fire source" or something, change the icon and make it able to produce a few (!) campfires before vanishing. Yes, I know having a lighter feels irreplaceable now, but think about it this way: if the game implemented something else on release, you'd feel the same about that.


No, wait; that would mean you'd have to have three inventory slots reserved on a Willow character (current lighter on low durability and means to make another). How about you just make the lighter last 100 days, but upon contact with floor "rot" 100 times faster. Craftable out of a torch.


Fire damage reduction is not a big thing, but you either take fire damage or you don't. If you take damage at all, "50%" doesn't mean mean much. Even if it's 90%. This being said, you can make it either 0% or 100%.

Lighting fires when sanity is low was a fair drawback, since being in a base ain't safe when your sanity is low. And what's a better place to regain sanity than being in your base? Pigmen village? That's also a "base". Houses are flammable and flames spread very fast.

Lastly... 10% increase to sanity auras? This probably includes her sanity regeneration while standing near a fire (the stronger the better) and the sanity gains by being near friendly charaters. This ain't really a buff or a nerf, just a "small note for diversity". Really unnecessary in my honest opinion. Especially now that she doesn't light fires by accident anymore.

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Griefing - People are complaining about Willows entering servers and burning their berry farms on accident. Willow causing fires - whether it be in an inopportune time or not - was the only real downfall to Willow in my opinion. This is what made Willow's character balanced between her infinite lighter and her tendency to set fire to things when her sanity is low. 


The flooding of Willow's lighters/too many Willows entering a server - Why not include an option that allows the admin of the server to limit the amount of each character to join? For example, if the admin wanted, he/she could only allow a maximum of 2 Willows or a maximum of 1 Wilson to enter the server. This would solve the flooding of too many Willows/her lighter in a server. 


Willow's lack of fire immunity - This was one of the things that made her trademark for me. Willow was supposed to be a firestarter. It would make sense for her and only her to be immune to fire. However, if her fire immunity is still considered too over-powered, then an increase from 50% fire immunity to 75-85% would suffice.


Willow's lighter becoming craftable - This is outrageous. To be able to craft Willow's lighter is taking away from her character directly. It's like making Wilson's beard craftable for everyone to wear or making Abigail's flower craftable for anyone to summon the twin sister. The lighter also renders torches useless. If everyone could have a lighter that's more efficient and durable, why bother with a torch?


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@rezecib, correct me if I'm wrong but I think it's their first multiplayer game so they may suffer from being a little inexperienced, and maybe willow's changes were made in a hurry...But of course it doesn't change the total respect I have for them and for this game which is now one of my favorites, and I'm sure they'll come up with original and elegant solutions regarding balance and maybe griefing eventually, when it's their priority.

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