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  1. Hello DarkXero,

        Long time no see. Here I need your generous help again.

        Since the cave edition of DST was officially published, the mod of World Regrowth didn't work for this edition to make the cave resouces respawnable. I have tried and tried with no result. Would you please help me? Much appreciate!

    Sincerely Yours,


    World Regrowth.zip

  2. Very nice. The beefalo bugs were fixed, and the domesticatable component is more robust. I have seen way less instances of domestication loss ticks. The beefalo doesn't go feral as fast as before, which is nice. However, a few of them are still there. I write the test process again. 1) Pick character 2) c_give("dragonpie", 2) 3) c_spawn("saltlick") 4) c_spawn("beefalo") 5) Give dragonpies to beefalo 6) Run away from beefalo, about a screen and a half (so the greetings and begs don't get in the way) 7) c_godmode() 8) c_speedup() Those pies should give around 2.5% of domestication. Now wait 5, or 10 days or until the salt lick runs out. Go for a coffee. If everything went fine, then no decay should be observable. You can also pen the beefalo in a very tiny cage instead of letting it wander and it will sometimes lose domestication.
  3. Well, I was going to say no. But it looks like that when winter ends, if the sack detects no Klaus and no key on the world, it disappears. So yes. Also, this applies without Winter's Feast enabled. With the event enabled, the sack stays all year around.
  4. By the way, the sack spawning changed again. For Winter's Feast, it will spawn on day 1, and it will respawn after 20 days after it was opened. If there's no event enabled, then it will spawn only during the first 3 days of winter and it will respawn next winter.
  5. I went to test the beefalo changes. With the sleeping and entity asleep changes, most problems were addressed. Beefalo won't lose domestication while asleep, and the extra range helps them lick the salt while off-screen. This is pretty good for people that go caving. However, there's still a problem, easy to see. 1) Spawn beefalo. 2) Spawn salt lick. 3) Give the beefalo a dragonpie, some twigs. 4) Give yourself V2C mode (godmode). 5) Stand a screen away from the salt lick (so the beefalo won't run to greet you, but it's awake). 6) c_select() the beefalo, c_speedup() the game. 7) You will see 99.9% of the time the (nodecay) tag. What happens on the 0.01% of the time? The beefalo needs to salt itself again. But it's far from the salt lick, the distance needed is 4, instead of 15. So it needs to walk to it. If it takes too long, you can get a domestication loss tick in there. Why could this happen? It wandered too far from the lick, because of its brain, or because it went to greet you and spent some extra seconds on alarm state or beg state. So basically, solitary bases are fine. Bases with people running around may find their beefalo go feral without notice. Also these weren't fixed. I updated the reports with possible solutions. On a more happy note, the twiggy trees have the perfect ornament distribution out of all the Winter's Feast trees.
  6. I mean it had warning tasks and delay tasks running in the background, ready to appear. You can use for k,v in pairs(Ents) do if v.components.diseaseable then SpawnPrefab(v.prefab).Transform:SetPosition(v.Transform:GetWorldPosition()); v:Remove(); end end to replace prefabs for brand new fresh ones that won't have any disease tasks running.
  7. That's because the disease popped and started spreading. The delay set to 0 prevents the disease from initially appearing. Removing it once it starts spreading is a bit more complex. I'm looking into it. Once you cleanse this wave of disease, it won't come back.
  8. Because it has to run on the client as well as the server. Game achieves this by making both server and client listen to the changes in the player's equipslots. local function ApplyNightvision(inst) if inst.components.playervision then -- get net variable value and use it local val = inst.givemethenightvision:value() inst.components.playervision:ForceNightVision(val) end end local function RegisterNightvisionListener(inst) -- reaction when value changes inst:ListenForEvent("givemethenightvisiondirty", ApplyNightvision) end local function common_postinit(inst) -- net variable inst.givemethenightvision = net_bool(inst.GUID, "player.givemethenightvision", "givemethenightvisiondirty") -- default value inst.givemethenightvision:set(false) -- setup after deserialization inst:DoTaskInTime(0, RegisterNightvisionListener) end for your character. Now you do on your action if act.target.givemethenightvision then act.target.givemethenightvision:set(true) end And the variable change will propagate to clients, which were listening to the change, as well as the server, because we put our code in common_postinit.
  9. That means the override didn't apply. Do TheWorld.topology.overrides.disease_delay = "none" and then restart the server. Then check again the values.
  10. Alright, now do c_announce(TheWorld.topology.overrides.disease_delay or "nil")
  11. Do c_announce(TUNING.DISEASE_DELAY_TIME) and post the number that appears on top of the screen. It should be 0. You can also write on console TUNING.DISEASE_CHANCE = 0 but you have to do this every single time you open the server. I will write some code to push a cure.
  12. Don't redeem it if you aren't on the beta. Game will crash, and you will get a blank thingy on the Steam inventory. Oops. Well, if anybody commits the same mistake, don't worry, you got it. It will appear later. Probably. You can only use it on the beta branch, as of now.
  13. If you are using the "Don't Starve Together Dedicated Server" tool of Steam, you can opt in the beta in the same way you did for the normal game. Library -> Tools -> DST Dedicated Server -> Right Click -> Properties -> Betas.
  14. Download a pirated version that is up-to-date.
  15. You have to perform some weird extras to make the mist emitter emit mist. Example: local m = c_spawn("mist"); m.entity:SetAABB(10, 2); m.components.emitter.area_emitter = CreateSphereEmitter(20); m.components.emitter.density_factor = math.ceil(20 / 4) / 31; m.components.emitter:Emit(); Also, the mist prefab isn't networked. What happens is that when you download your world from the server, you get some special places where your game puts the mist and configures it properly. This means that if you have a server without caves, only you will see the mist. On a server with caves, either one person only or nobody will see the mist. Overall, not worth it. You need to create a mod with your own custom mist.