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Reimplementing the crafting menu as a grid

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So I've been working on reimplementing the crafting menu with a grid layout. That, by itself, I have fully working. However, a substantial thorn in my side that I did not anticipate was the recipe popup. When you have all the recipes in a line, you can have the recipe popup to the side of the line without any issue. But when you have a grid... well, here's what I've tried:

  • Keeping the popup to the right of the current tile. This allows you to mouseover the recipe popup, but that blocks panning the mouse over the grid (e.g. you have firepit, then torch; if you mouseover firepit, the popup will block you from transitioning to mousing over torch).
  • Showing the popup in a static location off the grid. This lets you pan the grid freely, but doesn't let you mouseover the popup (which might be useful if you want to see what the ingredients are called).
  • Showing the popup in a static location off the grid, and not hiding it unless the whole crafting menu is hidden. This mostly avoids both the panning and the mousing over problem, but introduces two new problems; it's hard to get out of the grid without mousing over something else, and at this point the crafting menu takes up so much of the screen that dismissing it is pretty annoying-- before you could just flick the mouse to the right, but now you have to flick it really far right, or manually click a tab to close it.

So... I'm looking for some suggestions on other approaches I could take, including reinventing the whole popup system (is there some other, more appropriate way that information could be displayed?).


(Other things I was planning for the mod that may impact this design decision: linking ingredients so you can click on it, and if it has a recipe, it will jump to the correct tab and select it; adding a recipe search; I think I had another but I forgot)

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That is an interesting idea, although I'm not sure exactly how it could be set up. I personally would need to see a picture of the current design to determine how I'd give a suggestion on where to place the 'popup'. It would also be determined based on resolution of screen size. Smaller resolution screens might need it placed differently than I would.

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hmm I will try and think of some crazy idea, though someone else suggested proper scrolling menus and not forcing the user to mouse over every non-prototyped item to see what it is first- seems a nice idea. Scrolling will probably be necessary in the end anyway, as people with the lower res won't likely be able to fit everything on screen, especially if they add a tonne of custom craftables.

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Currently, when you click an item twice, you will build it, so you can have the recipe popup off grid and people wouldn't have to go click it, they will just see the requirements and the description.


For the grid with the popup inside it, instead of mousing over to bring the recipe popup, how about a left click on an item to bring it right above it, and a right click to close it?


I would personally like to use the mouse scroll wheel for the menu.

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@DarkXero, You only need to click it once, actually. But the reason why I'd like to preserve being able to mouseover the popup is that it does have a bit of functionality (finding out the ingredient names), and would be a good point to attach more funcitonality (in Status Announcements I let you announce that you have the resources for something or need them by alt+clicking the popup ingredients, and I'd like to have it be able to jump to the "boards" recipe if you click on the "boards" ingredient, etc).


But... perhaps having the popup off the grid and then right-clicking to lock the popup on a recipe could work. Still seems a bit messy, UI-wise.


@Kzisor,@SenL, Screenshot:


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Single click for recipe popup in a static location, second click/double click to build, maybe?

I like your current design, though perhaps limiting each row to 4-5 items would make it feel less intrusive. 
There's so much that can be added to the crafting menu. Sorting items by prebuilt, buildable, prototypeable, not enough ingredients, and locked, recipe linking as you mention, recipe search by ingredient ("What is this for?" - place ingredient on the crafting menu to show recipes using that ingredient), and Ctrl-click to build 5/10/all. Not expecting you to implement them all, obviously, just throwing in other half-related suggestions.

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Hello. I know this is some extreme necroposting... But I tried searching for this mod or an alternative and it seems like there are none. And I really, really would love to try it, even if unfinished, because the struggle with the menu on a small screen is real. So did anything come of it, and if not, do you by chance have the files?

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