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  1. Any chance you have a save file handy for the day before that happened? If we can manage to give Klei a save file that they can load, wait a bit, save/exit, then reload to find this bug, or a similarly simple process, they should be able to debug it quite easily I expect.
  2. I have this bug with the supply teleporter input on my starting planetoid right now, and additionally the animations don't play for the other supply teleporter units when they're in use it seems. Also solids are unable to enter the input on the other end, though idk if it's related.
  3. Oh missing neutronium wall u think? It's a very strange idea but I'm considering it lol Thing is we need to be in orbit around the planetoid before we can see the surface or subsurface at all, or discover and click a teleporter which triggers clearing of the fog of war at the teleporter destination. There just isn't a game mechanic for a dupe to discover subsurfaces by any other means as far as I know. I just checked the incorrectly discovered planetoid by clicking its name top right (that shouldn't exist up there yet) which took me to the dead middle of the planetoid, in full fog of war, and hit the debug button to expose everything and take a look around. The tile it focuses on is in the middle of a large body of water with a lil rock dotted around, with nothing of note at all there. There's no teleporter there or elsewhere on the planetoid too. I checked the walls running down each side of the world and it's completely unbroken down both sides, so no dice I'm afraid. If anyone happened to have a save file that will reproduce this error without user intervention, just by letting the day tick over, that would be magnificent. I'm expecting it to do the same thing if we disable all mods and let the day tick over, though I can't be 100% certain without that.
  4. Thanks meekay (*edit* and mspi92), it's not looking like a mod is to blame. The only similarities our mod lists share are Resculpt and I think Material Selection Properties, and I highly doubt they have any kind of interaction with the parts of the game responsible. In your case mspi, I also use several of those mods, but I think from meekay's list we can confirm it's not a common mod to blame. I like the tile being revealed theory, but from my understanding merely revealing a tile adjacent to a planetoid, or even a planetoid itself doesn't allow you to immediately oversee that planetoid? When this bug happens, we're able to oversee the planetoid as if we had discovered it by teleporter, with the camera position defaulting to below surface
  5. The only extra info I have found is that when this bug happens, if you click the planetoid name in the top right to view it, you are taken to a black fog of war, so it seems to have been erroneously discovered by the teleporter type system, not from space. Once you click the Oversee button via Starmap, it puts your view at the surface.
  6. Hey where's my credit? lol thanks for such a speedy solution Sancho, u magnificent specimen u! Nice work on the implementation btw, I like having the full set of automation options because why not; i hope u don't mind if they absorb your mod into the base game, should they wish to do so <3
  7. OK oof.. Loading up the save from the day before the issue occurred and letting it just play itself for the day didn't recreate the error in the next day's autosave after exiting and reloading like it did before... It was apparently something I did during the day that caused this issue, which is going to be near impossible for me to work out :( Tempted to still create the bug report and supply the save files for comparison and diagnosis, but I can't rule out a mod being somehow involved, because I can't reproduce the error to test with/without mods.. Can we discover planetoids by Inspecting/Rummaging POIs or something? Small possibility I might have done that, idk :<
  8. Lil further information just so I don't forget. Loading the save from Day 254 (noted when I first found the bug) I see the incorrect new planetoid detection appears. So I load Day 253.. Same thing again.. but during constant gameplay, the planetoid discovery/popup never happened, until I exited the game and resumed from save. By sheer luck, the earliest autosave I can load is in fact the day before this error presented itself! That is day 249- the error occurred some time between this save and my autosave on the next day, however it wasn't apparent until I had exited the game and reloaded my save to continue playing. I will test some more and await replies regarding any mods people had running, just in case a mod was somehow to blame for this.
  9. Do u guys have too many mods loaded to list? I do.. Just wondering if there is any mod we have in common that might be to blame, else ima create a proper bug post for this.
  10. Well as far as similarities go, this was a water planetoid, and I always run mods, but nothing relating to telescopes, planetary detection or similar. Thanks for commenting meekay, it seems what you're describing is the the exact same story, possibly only happening to water planetoid, or possibly any planetoid in the bottom right corner direction of the world? One small point of confusion though is that revealing a tile adjacent to a planetoid doesn't normally allow you to Oversee that planetoid, does it? Can you remember if the water planetoid was oversee'able for you too when this bug happened?
  11. Nah I didn't- completely debug-less playthrough. I imagine if I had used debug mode to reveal fog of war, that would result in every planetoid being discovered though? Thx for the suggestion. Are u aware of any other ways to discover a planetoid aside from teleporter, and telescope/rocket proximity (and debug)?
  12. I just loaded up my save to continue playing and found a notification saying I had discovered a new planetoid- I don't think it was there before save/exit. The planetoid in question is 4 tiles outside of viewable range for any of my dupes in rockets, with an Unknown Object Detected tile between them, so I'm wondering how it's possible we discovered it? The closest dupe is out of range to possibly see it, with their onboard telescope reporting Area Complete. I didn't find and click on a new teleporter to discover the planetoid either, yet when I click the notification/planetoid I am able to Oversee the newly found planetoid for some reason. Has anyone else had this? Is it a bug or some kinda functionality I'm not familiar with? I only just started playing the DLC so it's possible I just don't know about some other method for planetoid discovery. Thing is though just spotting a planetoid doesn't let you Oversee the surface.. but I can oversee this thing.. soo.. bug? XD
  13. It's not exactly annoying, just lacking in automation control Like if we have the technology to automate a door, I feel like it's a given that we can control what that automation does to the door. I've used duplicate doors before to kinda make it work, but I think it's something the base game should be able to take care of without a workaround. I appreciate the suggestion all the same <3
  14. Hi again lovely Klei peoples! I've been meaning to mention this for months, and I hope you agree it's worth spending the time on. When we automate a door, can we please have a toggle for whether to Open the door upon receiving a Green automation signal, or merely Unlock the door when signalled? Automated doors could default to acting the exact same as they always have, so as to not break any cool machines and things people have built, but having the ability to toggle what the green automation signal does to the door would be just magnificent for dupe control purposes. I tried using the Dupe Checkpoints to restrict dupe access to areas at certain times, but it seemed if they want to get past they will actually sit there at the checkpoint and wait forever rather than say oh I'm not allowed past there right now so I will go onto some other errand?