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  1. OK yep looks like the c02 can't displace the oxygen and liquid has only ever displaced the c02 horizontally until it gets trapped by a solid. Oh well
  2. mm I think liquids should take priority over gasses when deciding which one will fill a tile, especially when it's 1000kg of liquid vs. 20g of gas lol if it's a design choice I'm a bit surprised. Like when you have a spill on the floor, and the floor has carbon dioxide on it, is the water able to flow along the surface and displace the carbon dioxide? Yes, else the spill would remain in the single tile it originated in. So why doesn't liquid always displace any gas competing for the same horizontal tile? It confuses me XD
  3. I would say a (lazy, yay!) solution would be to (in code) unpause the simulation and pause it again silently after load, to fill out all the numbers correctly. A prompt telling u the paused game is paused doesn't feel like a solution to me XD just sayin!
  4. This is just a small observation I've seen numerous times and I find it a little annoying. No big deal really, but I'm here for another bug so I will mention it Sometimes I see water being pushed aside by a tiny amount of carbon dioxide. This really should never be possible I think. Like 1000KG of liquids to the left of the c02 tile, and there it sits 20g c02, refusing to be pushed upwards into the oxygen and replaced by the liquid directly adjacent to it.
  5. I have some mesh tiles submerged in very cold polluted water. Often when I load up the game, I notice one or more of the mesh tiles looks slightly off.. Clicking on said off-looking mesh tile reveals that instead of the polluted water being "behind it", there is instead polluted ice there. Must have been too cold, OK. The freezing isn't really the problem though. I guess it could freeze solid within the mesh tile, but there is no way to dig it or in any other way clean it up after it does! I can deconstruct the mesh tile, which leaves me with an empty looking tile in a broken state. It's actually supposed to be the polluted ice, but debris can drop into the tile, etc. and you can't dig it. Rebuilding the mesh tile on that tile doesn't first dig, it just builds the tile as if nothing was there and leaves the broken polluted ice inside the newly built mesh tile. Only way to get it to "work properly" is by deconstructing the mesh tile with the broken frozen ice in it, saving the game, reloading the game and then digging the tile that was apparently corrected during load, and is now normal polluted ice. Then you can rebuild the mesh tile.. Not ideal! XD
  6. @SenL, yep I can make it hammerable; just need the time and motivation to do the various changes I'm looking to do XD
  7. I am not seeing a folder named "exported" in your log, even to say it's up to date
  8. haha this is a pretty cool idea man
  9. Far as I know you should always be able to use telnet to any specific port locally, so if that doesn't work I guess the server isn't actually running on that port or something is still blocking it. Oh, potentially the server isn't glomming onto all IP addresses, so wouldn't work- try the LAN IP instead
  10. I still read this as "margaritas" and imagine crafting a bar and cocktails
  11. hmm well the only thing you need to do to make any server communicable to the outside WAN is correctly forward the port the server software is using to the correct LAN IP address via the router config. You could drop the Windows firewall temporarily to confirm that's not blocking it, but I would somewhat assume it's an issue of forwarding the right port to the right LAN IP only
  12. u put the stuff in yourmodfolder\exported\somename?
  13. Thanks mate. I was looking to record and retain the leader component for pets so they can remember you after restarts- I don't see how to do that using this as an example, though I am still tooling around with it