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DsT bosses

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Over the last few days I played with my cousin alone mostly on a player private server that I made to teach him the basics and whatnot.


We ran into a few problems like hounds, as the packs started to grow bigger and bigger and the amount of teeth we got from dealing with them where scarce. Was hoping to see a boss like Deerclops, but even after our 100th day we didn't see not a single Deerclops.. and we had quite a few long winters.


Tried making the game again and re-checked and all the settings to make sure are at least set to default and still no Deerclops even after 80th day.


Do I miss something in the settings? Plain bad luck or what's that about? What about other bosses? Or only he it's active right now?

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Ahh, makes sense now. Looking forward to see the RoG stuff implemented as stuff are quite easy right now if you got the proper tools and set of skills.


All bosses are like that in any game. When you have a proper tools and set of skills, and boss is still hard, it starting to feel unfair tho :)

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If you want more hard things to do, you can still search and kill :

-MacTusk camps

-Ewecus and Varg, while hunting for Coalefants

-Spider Queens

-Red bee boxes areas


Or, ou can also start worlds with hard settings on.

IMO, the most difficult is the full night mode...

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@cezarica, The other bosses are part of RoG, so they're not in. The Deerclops does show up, but the probability that he shows up is definitely bugged-- it's supposed to be 67%, but it feels more like 20%.


I have a vanilla DS save with about 500 days and I only saw Deerclops twice!

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I do miss the big guy (he hasn't shown up for my world... day 357... I had to spawn him just so I could feel his "cold love" again) but I wouldn't want him near my base...


because of this... I always make sure I had an immobilizing item with me at all times... preferably an ice staff...



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@Matin : thanks for the ideas. We just finished our 3rd MacTusk N' Son expedition to get a second walking cane. Next looking for a Spiderhat to start some spider wars and have some fun. :D Haven't found any killer bees yet but will look for them.


I know i can alter the settings for hardcore mode, but I'm playing with a relatively new player and want to learn a few things not die every single day. :)

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