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  1. You do realise you are looking for 6 needles in 6 different haystacks, right? If you need help with solving the puzzle just let me know I'll gladly help you out.
  2. @DarkKingBoo It was addressed to you. The whitelist basically works like this. Let's say the server has 12 slots and you reserve 2. On the server 10 regular players, meaning people with no administrative powers, will be able to join and the remaining 2 slots will be free. Any regular player trying to join the server will be greeted with server full or slots reserved, something like this anyway. Now, if one of your friends with administrative powers wants to join the server he/she will take one of the 2 remaining reserved slots and then there will be only one left. If a second friend with administrative powers joins then all reserved slots will be taken and as you would expect server the server is now full. If you want to step in to do somehting why don't you just use the console if you have to bans someone really fast or do a rollback? PS: I would appreciate if someone corrects me if I said anything incorrect about how i imagine reserved slots with whitelist would work.
  3. Check out Helicalpuma's "Don't Starve Together Tips: Krampus Farming Without Wickerbottom" video. be sure to check out his channel as he has quite some good videos with tips and stuff.
  4. Her lighter? Pfff.. another sucker drawn in by shiny things... Her ace in the sleeve is Bernie the cute and cuddly teddy bear! xD
  5. Clouds face HaHa! In your face prick! Thanks a lot guys, especially JoeW and to a secret player for reaching out to you, for finally nailing the coffin on this annoying issue.
  6. I guess the safest and lazy option would be to using Bearger to clear the reed set piece (or trap as you call it), cos it will finish them all thanks to his slam attack that dose splash damage. Another option for clearing would be 3-4 spider dens that would get attacked by tentacles but takes time. I wouldn't rely on Deerclops as he prefers to target structures and not the player itself so getting him to target the tentacles would be a hassle. For making Bearger follow you have two options: piss him off (not recommended) by taking his food or attacking OR make use of rot like Hansel and Gretel did with breadcrumbs. To harvest the reeds set piece I would plant a meat bulb in the middle and once it spawns eyeplants will collect the reeds for you. All you have to do is check on it from time to time as it would digest the stuff in 20 seconds. Best results you get in Spring when rains a lot and stuff grows faster. I would consider building a lightning rod for countering the lightning strikes in Spring and 1-2x flingomatic to keep them safe and in production during Summer.
  7. Find a server that if doesn't have an admin online from time to time or any means to prompt the moderator team, at least has a group where you could report any incidents with screenshots preferably. If I'm not mistaken someone that is kicked twice is also banned for a certain amount of time, but sadly I don't recall exactly where i read this info exactly. I could be wrong. :S
  8. You sure love to get your base burne if you still play on official servers, a well known griefers heaven. If you like to play on survival mode, meaning if all die the server resets after a while (was it 160 seconds?), then adjust your filters at Game Mode set to Survivial and join one of the community based dedicated servers where griefers are dealth with in a matter of time.
  9. @Onetel21 Adjust the Game Mode filter to Survival and all you will see in the list are like you said, meaning when all die the world regenerates.
  10. Everyone knows, or should know, that Klei servers aren't moderated and as such sadly are plagued with toxic bahaviour and at this point nobody can do anything about it. Apart Klei obviously. I suggested everyone to stay away from these servers, even if the ping is low (not high), because of the trolls and toxic players in general. Back in the day i was playing on them at some point I have been griefed 4 times in a row, thus ruining my mood to play for a while. This until one day when community dedicated server feature have been introduced and found one to play on: Frogland.. hey MCadJO! Made a bunch of friends while there with whom I still play even today. If you want to be griefed and your stuff reduced to pieces, or kicked and then world regenerated then by all means play on those Klei official servers. Now that A New Reign is over I have a feeling they will tie the knot on this vote kicking soon, cos many of old bugs have been fixed like pengulls one for instance. But don't take my word for it and hold your breath. PS: There are plenty of community owned servers where you just have to see if you don't lag too much (or at all idealy), has friendly players and above all is moderated.
  11. Naming and shaming on the forum is against the rules. You missed the bolded part. I haven't shared any of the names, steam profile ID's on even the Klei's unique ID's on the forum for public view, but had a private conversation regarding them. What would have been the difference if we talked via steam or any other means? The idea was not to share stuff in public, not in private. Like i said in another topic, the blacklist i maintain is more of a heads-up service and not a name and shame in private. You won't see me or anyone else with whom I may happen to share the list in private getting on their steam profiles and start cussing or stuff like that. This is beyond the purpose of the list, but if you are willing to do that then good luck with profiles set to private. Thanks for second confirmation asdrub43l. Had a private conversation with xxVERSUSxy and he gave logs that backed his claims even further than was needed. I doubt for one these pricks will get on community dedicated serves, cos they know they are moderated and vote kick is disabled, so they proly stick with klei's servers that unfortunatelly aren't moderated. :S
  12. On survival game mode if everyone dies the game starts a countdown that if reaches the end would regenerate the world unless a new non-ghost player joins OR if one of the ghosts is revived by a life giving amulet or by a meat effigy.
  13. PM me with the profile ID's or even better the Klei unique ones if you got them and willing to share. If they said something in chat then look inside My Documents/Klei/DoNotStarveTogether/client_chat_log.txt if the event happened today, if not look in backup/client_chat_log/ folder at the log file corespoinding the date it happened and should find their Klei unique Id's before their name, for example: [xx:xx:xx]: [Say] (KU_xxx) Player: said something
  14. I won't get into arguing on what gender is more prone to toxic behavior cos there's no point into it. From the list of profiles xxVERSUSxy was kind enough to share 3 out of 4 Willow players are known to belong to Clouds and the Webber players are new. Nevertheless added them to the list.
  15. I'm one of those people that are "amassing a blacklist" but if the person that is causing this vote kicking is the same Clouds fella then we already have a bunch of his steam profiles, most likely even the ones that he's (I'm saying a he cos only a guy could be so bitter and find joy in other people tears, most likely he has been abused as a kid by an uncle or by a bully at school or something like this) using right now. Unfortunatelly we can't do squat with the info we got on Klei's official servers as they aren't moderated and as was suggested lots of times in the past don't play on Klei's public servers as bad this may sound.