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I burst into flames randomly

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So I am on day 23. When suddenly those pigs that come out randomly to eat you. They are on all fours and chase you. Well I killed a turkey near my base and the meat got stuck on the edge of the island in the ocean. There was 6 pigs that ran past me to try and get the glitched drumstick. They were by my pine tree forest that I have planted on the edge of my base. I chopped down all the trees around the pigs just in case they would turn on me when I attack, that I would not get stuck on pine trees during my escape. After I cleared the trees, I used my spear to kill all the pigs. They were glitched on the edge and did not attack me. On the last pig that I killed I suddenly burst into flames.

The fire started on me, then spread instantly to the entire map. My entire screen was filled in fire. I could not, what so ever run away from this. My guy instantly explodes and all my gear explodes.

I had a straw hat with a log suit and a spear.

Last thing I did before I died....

.... I dropped a unlit torch next to my fire pit, My fire pit does have pine trees next to it. I had this torch on the ground all night and day as I was freeing inventory and cooking food. Could the torch some how light my forest on fire? By the way I did not over feed my fire.

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Efficient idea though, you can get some cheap charcoal that way.

If you plant trees closely enough you can set them all on fire with just one torch, though

I mean yeah, it's more efficient by way of literally using no materials aside from the pinecones, but...

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