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  1. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Crash] Platform Chrome Version Number - Issue title DS Chrome Edition Not Working After Queen Update!! Steps to reproduce Watching a movie!! Describe your issue I have a macbook pro and I play a lot of don't starve so I was playing don't starve and then I closed it and when I opened it, it updated to the long live the queen so I minimized the screen and after I watched some stuff on youtube I opened chrome to find don't starve closed so I reopened it and it said Error: Error :WEBGL initialisation failed see and for more info. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE AND I WAS SHOCKED!!! This is my graphics card: Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB
  2. I burst into flames randomly

    U can use the girl that might be called willow she can as i think make them return into regular hounds!!
  3. Toaster can u plz tell me what is a flagship member??!! and how i can become one!!
  4. How to set stuff on fire??

    Thank for the help!!
  5. ThePlaneCrash!!

    Thanks everybody for putting ur suggestions!! and JUST WHO ARE U MOBIUS187 I HAVE TO UNCOVER THIS MYSTERY!!
  6. Hey guys this is just a question ive been wanting to set forests on fire and spider dens could anyone tel me how to do it??
  7. I am a big fan of Don't starve and I have a mac , Im really happy that Klei and the developers of the game had concerned putting the game on a mac (I use chrome). THANKS KLEI!!
  8. here is my suggestion: It would be awesome to have a plane crash on one pf the islands here are the benefits of that: [items] We could get items from the plane that we could not normally get like a radio or seats or anything else [Transportation] We could like fix the plane and ride it and then a storm makes us crash on another mysterious island!!With new monsters and biomes [Transportation] We could also have jets or spaceships that will crash so we can go to the space and get rock from floating rocks!! [structure] We can make the plane our home!! [items] We can make other stuff from the plane parts!! thanks for listening!! Ideas gotten from: Lost (movie series) and The Meteorite suggestion!!
  9. More Rocks!

    Yeah ur right mobius I found the bridge and I made my base beside the pig king where im safe with the pigs im also considering just going and making bases on the other islands just incase im on them and its becoming night!!
  10. Multiplayer

    I pretty much accept ur decision BUT I would be very very very happy that my guys will comeout when I explode from happiness if u considered what Xaris's suggestion which is to make an expantion or add it in further updates!!!
  11. thanks guys i have changed a little o things take a look at them!!
  12. I Personally like Don't Starve but can't we add the following things: [Transportation]Taming Creatures to ride on. I would really like to mount that animal thats looks like a buffalo in the game (its white and its where u get manure from) [MultiPlayer]can't we add co-op I would really like to slay em' pigs with my cous how about that? [Weapons]Getting swords or any kinda magical fightin' item from tribes that we are not allies with!! [Tribe]Other tribes other than the pigs!! [structures]Can we like have a shack selling stuff on the island!!but can be kinda rare!! If u wish add the following things I cant force u and I will not become sad if u disagree I just want u to think about it.