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Incoming Combat Tuning and Improvements

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@TheKingofSquirrels, I know what you're feeling, but in a multiplayer survival game, balancing is supposed to be made in a way so thatit encourages people to play together. Playing Solo obviously shouldn't be made impossible, but it should be very hard to pull off, as a downside to not having to worry about other people. Don't worry, I doubt that they would just make it so that playing by yourself becomes impossible or anything, just stuff to make sure that people working together can't just take on the world with no problem, but also being better from a survival standpoint.


(also, I only have DST for 2 days, and only have played some rather laggy games, so I may be very inexperient on the current balance, so don't hate me if I sound stupid...)

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Isn't it supposed to be 10 in the first place?

Apparently, yes.

./nightmares/scripts/tuning.lua:112:	    UNARMED_DAMAGE = 10,./rog_stable/tuning.lua:115:	    UNARMED_DAMAGE = 10,./six_feet/scripts/tuning.lua:112:	    UNARMED_DAMAGE = 10,./interestingname_test/scripts/tuning.lua:96:	    UNARMED_DAMAGE = 10,./friendly_preview/scripts/tuning.lua:112:	    UNARMED_DAMAGE = 10,./rock/scripts/tuning.lua:81:	    UNARMED_DAMAGE = 10,./powers/scripts/tuning.lua:96:	    UNARMED_DAMAGE = 10,./rog_presteam/scripts/tuning.lua:112:	    UNARMED_DAMAGE = 10,./rog_presteam/DLC0001/scripts/tuning.lua:115:	    UNARMED_DAMAGE = 10,./maxwell/scripts/tuning.lua:112:	    UNARMED_DAMAGE = 10,./hunger/scripts/tuning.lua:111:	    UNARMED_DAMAGE = 10,./rog_giantsteps/scripts/tuning.lua:112:	    UNARMED_DAMAGE = 10,./rog_giantsteps/DLC0001/scripts/tuning.lua:115:	    UNARMED_DAMAGE = 10,./caves2_test/scripts/tuning.lua:81:	    UNARMED_DAMAGE = 10,./vanilla_stable/tuning.lua:112:	    UNARMED_DAMAGE = 10,
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If you change my rabbit traps so they no longer catch spiders, I have many other cheap tricks.  :wilson_evil:

I agree, trapping spiders is balanced. It gives you spider drops like normal but uses up the trap durability with it. The same goes for frogs too. They are caught like spiders and become meat despite spiders having more than drops than frogs.

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