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  1. Moreover, Packim doesn't follow you through the mist. He's more trouble than he's worth right now. Doesn't feel like chester at all.
  2. I found this. Furthermore, the fling-o gets stuck trying to heal a withered limpet rock, causing it to loop on the rock and not hit the other plants nearby.
  3. I do remember that from way back when. The ghost's ability to grief is clearly from vestigial mechanics.. This. "Don't Starve Cross the Streams" for the win!
  4. Seems to be a consensus about adjusting how ghosts work. From my experiences with Clwnbaby and others (when I'm not playing wilderness, which isn't often), griefer gets killed, griefer turns to ghost and immediately starts haunting the base, causing it to collapse. How do we stop that? What's the solution, since the onus is apparently on the player?
  5. Will we be seeing this in DST any time soon?
  6. Thanks for that :) I appreciate it. I'd feel so pressured being an actual mod though! @_@! lol :)

    1. Fyrjefe


      That's true. You'd actually have to deal with posts instead of be congenial and stuff. Been there, done that in another place and time. :)

  7. Wee!! The keys are here!

    1. Fyrjefe


      :Gunter bottle dance:
  8. So whats ur steam!

    1. Fyrjefe


      I haven't done streaming in a while, but http://www.twitch.tv/fyrjefe

    2. CometChaserPleinair


      no steam as in like steam games, steam profile?

  9. I imagine PvP is a more subtle art in DST. Since everyone runs the same speed, hits about the same, you want to make the environment into something hazardous that the opponent either doesn't expect, or can't maneuver. There is also the element of attrition (having friends to back you up). The latter can be accomplished by befriending some pigs, for example.
  10. Sorry that came across as against you. I meant that on the part of those scrubs who did that to you. I mean, THEY are wasting everyone's time. Those 12 year olds need to go outside and play in the sun. It'll cure what ails them.
  11. Me too. I was alerted to this thread because I got plus oned on a post. Otherwise, I forgot it existed. I think the new proposed damage re-works will make the other characters more viable. As soon as my number comes up in the next few days, I'll be in on the hype train!
  12. Trying this status update thing to see how many cool people reply to it.