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  1. Uhh careful now, that's controversial... But I totally agree.
  2. Well, there's the OPS answer I guess. I´ve always used Beefalo, because I suck.
  3. I've never actually used tooth traps effectively, but I've definitely seen people do it. The whole building a panic room is pretty cool. Although, I don't know how effective it is in later rounds
  4. It's always been the case, the game can be adorable, but it also be a harsh cut throat world.
  5. Maybe they can hurt your sanity too.
  6. I´m pretty sure, that World Regrowth has nothing to do with variants. It's more to do with trees spreading and stuff like carrots and flowers re-spawning.
  7. Good luck. If you have issues, just ask and I'll try to help. Are you playing Reign of Giants. If Spring is coming, you need a Lightning Rod fast.
  8. Not a total waste thought! You can use it as a pen for Koalefents or Volt Goats. Having animal pens can make a base look awesome, apart from being also useful for food.
  9. What are the walls for?
  10. Basically, there's two games. Don't Starve singleplayer, which is what you don't have. http://store.steampowered.com/app/219740/ There's two DLCs for it. Reign of Giants, which adds new biomes, mobs, bosses, seasons and items to the core game. Then Shipwrecked, which is kinda of its own thing. Don't Starve Together (which is what you have) is like a sequel, which builds on from RoG. If you have this, then you don't have to buy anything else and you will receive all the new updates. http://store.steampowered.com/app/322330/ The only thing you don't have is Shipwrecked. That's because it's not available for multiplayer (and nobody knows if it ever will be). So it's only available in singleplayer. If you really wanna play that, buy the singleplayer without RoG with Shipwrecked DLC. I enjoyed it a lot, but some people were annoyed with it.
  11. There's like three, but none of them are the REAL singleplayer Woody. By this I mean, one that gets rid of the wood meter in human form and the stupid log eating mechanic.
  12. I didn't think of that. I'm assuming now the fire pit was already there, cause the closest stones were pretty far away.
  13. The only that doesn't is the Giblet, but that's Year of the Gobbler anyway.
  14. Don't really need Webber for that though. Any spider base would do. Better to have only one gatherer, I would assume.
  15. Depends for what. For PVP, the most effective I've see is Wickerbottom + Wolfgang Although, I assume that Wx-78 would be awesome with Wickerbottom, cause she can charge him whenever. For PVE, I would say Maxwell + Wolfgang. One gathers resource, the other fights and hunts for food.