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  1. Ok, so I couldn´t test it for long because I have exams I have to study for (ugh), BUT...I really like it so far. I explored a little bit, found chester in the middle of desert, found an Oasis and Volt goats. It works well, unless you try to mess with the World Settings. You get the pictures I showed above. The one nitpick I have, is the spawn area. I feel like it's too OP. It's too big and has too many resources, defeating the point of the whole challenge. I feel like you should spawn in the middle of desert, rather than the grasslands. I´ve tried changing the settings to Default for the spawn area, but that just replaces the massive grassland with a massive forest area, which is better. Also, I would get rid of roads personally, if that's possible. Apart from that, awesome stuff
  2. Ah, let me check again.
  3. I subscribed and ticked the mod on the server in game. What´s the right preset?
  4. Hey, is the mod still working? Cause I tried it today, and it just generated a normal world.
  5. Oh, my bad, I wrote that in a rush. Apologies.
  6. Ignore this. I didn't read thoroughly. Great work btw, can´t wait to test it.
  7. If you could do that, then that would be incredible. I love the idea of having to find an Oasis, the only habitable area in the world, in a huge desert world.
  8. Oh awesome! I still want the structures though from the Desert. So like the Dragonfly and the Oasis. Is that possible?
  9. Any in particular?
  10. I want to do a desert challenge. Is there a way of changing the world gen configurations so the whole world is one big desert?
  11. Edit: I would still change the character design. It just reminds me too much of Spawn.
  12. I don't know what's wrong with leaping. Obviously, it doesn't make any sense that's it webber. But I would like a character who could do that. Trick is mixing it with something that fits. The mechanic just works so fluidly into the game. It's just the black silhouette only really works when it is semi transparent. Yes, the more insane you get, the more solid they become. However, the screen distortion and tint becomes so strong, that the silhouettes fit. However, in healthy sanity vision, the solid black just looks weird. Although, it would be interesting if he was character that could only be seen by others if they were insane. OP as hell I know. They are very, very different. Yes, they are both good for combat, but there are people on here that would loose their minds if you even try to compare Wolfgang to Wigfrid. They are good for combat, but do so very differently. It's so different, that people even argue that Wigfrid isn´t even good for combat at all.
  13. I just googled this item, cause I never used it IT REQUIRES A PURPLE GEM AND DOES LESS DAMAGE THAN A TENTACLE SPIKE. The leeching health mechanic is pretty useful, but I´m not wasting a purple gem.
  14. Sorry, I meant Werebeaver...Got my names confused. The shadow creatures are transparent, that's why they work. I see no similarities to Wilson whatsover. I don´t mind mod characters. I am a bit iffy on them if they don't fit the game style. A really good character mod, is the Leaping Webber. Leaping is a great mechanic. The skin is stupid tho.