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New idea for Chester

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HEY YYOOUU GGGUUUYYYSSS !!!! (Insert Electric Company theme song here) Love playing Don't Starve together, thank you for the invite to the Beta. My Son and I came up with an interesting idea for Chester. With the addition of the Meteor Showers, very cool idea and animations there beeteedub, we thought it might be cool to take a somewhat considerable amount of moon stone, and give it to Chester (maybe on a full moon) and feed it to Chester, maybe like 12 moonstone, then it would turn turn Chester into Moon Chester that gives a limited amount of light to make it through the night without having to light a fire. You might still lose a little bit of sanity due to the low amount of light, but, that might be a good thing to get the stuff you need a li'l insanity to get. Also, as you feed the moon stone to Chester, he would regurgitate a little moon "cheese", and then, on very rare instances a meteor shower will spawn a space egg, that would have to feed say 6 of the "cheeses" to to hatch an alien compadre that would have a set amount of life span or damage to help. Waddaya think?

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Hmm, well, chester is a little underwhelming right now because of the getting left behind bug not being fixed in vanilla, and also the fact that the chester-to-player ratio has plummeted with addition of more players. So it would be nice if there were some way to compensate for that.


Moon chester sounds okay, but right now no chester transformations are in. Once they're in though, keeping yourself lit through the night is essentially 1-2 slots, so I'd go with shadow chester any day.


The space egg / cheeses, on the other hand... Don't really seem to fit x_x

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More variations for Chester to choose from are always good. I kinda like the idea of him acquiring the ability to produce light, though since it's not as useful as Fridge or Tardis Chester and Chester tends to keep a distance while traveling, no need to go with only a little light. Comfy Campfire Chester is a decent balance.


Moon/space cheese is probably one of the funner ideas of adding a new dairy product, but it doesn't make much sense to tie that to Chester. Seems to make more sense to me that upon mining a meteorite there's a 1% chance to get cheese from the rock. 

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