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  1. Given that a good number of the skins are already AU-material, would a Lucy skin for Woodie be possible? Provided Lucy is/was a human.
  2. You can find tips on these forums or on the DS wiki if you rather do that than trial and error (considering there's many possible errors and most errors mean death). Those items indeed can't be used yet. Just hold onto them for now.
  3. It's better to not fight multiple enemies at once. Even two weak ones will turn out to be very inconvenient when fought at once. The basic strategy in all cases is to either have mobs fight each other or to kite one opponent yourself. If you have to battle pigs that live together, start with feeding them. If you feed one meat, it'll follow you and you can have them battle something that'll kill them or do the job yourself. This includes other pigs so you're certain to end up with loot. Though it has my preference to feed one four Monster Foods and have it turn into a werepig. It's more aggressive and stronger, but the other pigs won't come to its aid and the loot is 2x meat + 1x pig tail. Monster Meat is easily obtained from a pig village if you build a spider den there (and you might get more pig loot in the process too). For that matter, the ewecus is designed to be fought by multiple users, but it works too if you bring along a pig army.
  4. If I destroy an active Telelocator Focus, do I get all three gems back or is it wiser to take them out first? Can I use Killer Bees for items needing bees? I have a problem with farming during RoG summer in that the ice fling-o-matics only water fresh crops once, which isn't enough to keep them from dying. I've heard this isn't supposed to be the case and that ice fling-o-matics are supposed to help out properly. Am I doing something wrong?
  5. There's no turf that can stop depth worms, is there? Any tips for getting a base set up in the caves? Which creatures can all be kept as pets (won't destroy walls, won't disappear, etc.)? Is there a way to catch the boomerang with only the mouse?
  6. I know I died before that once, but I can't remember from what. So, the first death I can remember are the hounds.
  7. Most of these were either said to myself, whether aloud or not, or to my sister across the room. "Well, I live to see the dawn behind the wolves of fire, but there's just not all that much to see anymore." (Lost my flower garden, my forest, and my lureplants.) "Hey, remember when I said I was worried if I'd be able to recognize the Deerclops's moan? I think I just recognized it." - "Well, that's good, right?" "I don't dare to mo-o-o-ove!" "Why are these beefalos' butts red? Were they always?" (It was winter and I had no food whatsoever anymore. I was collecting beefalo poop and got near the coast. A large group of pengulls spawned and made its way towards the beefalos that had just started mating season.) "...I may be mistaken, but I think many of my problems will be solved soon." (I have a glitch in my game that at one specific spot eyeplants keep spawning. No lureplants anywhere. The eyeplants spawn over each other, so at this point they're just continuously killing each other and respawning. I've given up on destroying them a while back because they always come back. Every time I have to walk past I am alerted by the noise they are making and just go over to look at their senseless in-fighting.) "Really, guys, I just can't take you anywhere. Literally." (After leading a deerclops into a big herd of beefalos to see how they'll fare and finding they'll utterly destroy it.) "Beauty has just been defined." (First encountering a merm and just standing there being stared at.) "...Are we having a moment or what are you doing?" (First encountering killer bee hives.) "What are these? Giant flowers or something? They're pretty. Should I pick them?" "Murder? You just killed it yourself! I meant to pick up the glowberry only! Go away! Give me a moment to drop it! Don't get your friends involved! I made half your houses - I made YOU, you ungrateful fluff demons!" (Having left monster meat in the center of a big pig village to kill some werepigs and collect tails, there erupted a fight with some local spiders. I kept my attention on two fresh werepigs, not minding dusk was setting in (this was a world with long days and short nights) and that there was fighting going on all around me. Just as I finished the second werepig, satisfied with a day well-spent and ready to make a campfire before night would make it impossible, night sets in. A full moon. Pigs all around me, just done fighting, start turning. In panic, I fail at making a campfire, seeing the screen go dark as multiple werepigs approach me. A good five minutes of just staring and trying to comprehend later:) "THAT-WAS-THE-MOST-TRAUMATIZING-KHARMA-I-EVER-RECEIVED!" (A spider queen arises from a nest at the coast and ends up on the water side, just walking around like it's any place you can stand.) "No! You're supposed to drown, not to Jesus and start a nation of sea spiders." (A koalefant poops during the hunt.) "Why did you do that? I can't kill something I watched poop. Go. Go and live and think of me when the cold of winter comes."