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So I found my first mandrake...


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I was still exploring the map and just making temporary bases camps along the way.

And one night, I was just pressing the space bar to chop down trees and all of a sudden I saw something on the ground moving.:confused:

A small walking thing. A mandrake!!!!

At that point I didn't know it was friendly and I had low health so I ran around my camp fire trying to stay alive lol

Until day time, it just sort of planted itself to the ground!:o

Oh how silly I was.

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I have attempted to play this game three times, I found one in the second attempt and didn't even have the chance to eat it, because I died before that, and on the third attemp, which is the one I'm currently at, I found another one and didn't eat it either, I'm saving it for when i'm low on health and hunger.

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