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  1. That. I really wish I knew about that before I scattered all my stuff on the ground.
  2. About the beefalo manure, you can press spacebar to collect automatically items on the ground or chop down trees if you have the Axe equipped and etc. Holding down spacebar will NOT attack automatically neutral mobs (Beefalos, bees, tallbirs, etc).
  3. Oh, then i'll go and change the wiki.
  4. Wow, really? I didn't know about that, thanks for the info, it's going to be very useful!
  5. Are you sure about that? The wiki doesn't says that the hat serves for no purpose besides decoration, If that's information is incorrect the wiki should be changed.
  6. You can also feed flower petals to the pigs to produce manure too. But it's more efficient if you're closer to the beefalos as they produce manure without any cost, and they normally are in a big group, so getting a lot of it isn't very hard.
  7. It's an tree monster, It has a very low chance of spawning when you cut down the bigger trees.
  8. That's a good idea. But getting an Optimus Pine isn't a very easy task, as they have a very low chance of spawning. I have only seen two until now, and I played quite a bit.
  9. The manure can used to fertilize things, and make farm plots. And you can see when it's full moon at night, on a small circle at the left side of the day/night meter. And a good use for monster meat is bait for Hounds, as they will ignore you and go for the monster meat at the ground you can easily kill them, or you could cook them in the crock pot and eat them.
  10. When they eat three monster meat they transform into Werepigs, they also turn into Werepigs at Full Moon, and take not that they will eat monster meat from the ground, so using them to kill monsters can backfire.
  11. On the folder dont_starve/data/bigportraits there are also files named Wes, Woodie and Wickerbottom. On the folder dont_starve/data/anim I found a rar named Sanity.rar, Scarecrow.rar, Skulls.rar, Sparks.rar, Spider_queen.rar and Spider_update.rar.
  12. Searching a little on the files of the game I found a .rar named Xmas.rar
  13. Indeed, it helps a lot with those level three spider nests that have a lot of spiders in them, dealing with them gets really easier.
  14. The devs said that they are planning to make some counter measures to the farmers, as they have little disadvantages. I've read that they plan to make it balanced, where you'll have to be a mix of all of the options for you to survive.
  15. I have attempted to play this game three times, I found one in the second attempt and didn't even have the chance to eat it, because I died before that, and on the third attemp, which is the one I'm currently at, I found another one and didn't eat it either, I'm saving it for when i'm low on health and hunger.