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What are the non-renewable resources?

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[spiders] Just destroy level threes. [trees] No they don't so plant pine cones. [pigs] For now but, eventually they will stop after respawning three times. [boulders] Nope. [frogs] Yes they do. [fireflies] They are finite. [bees] Yes they do. [rabbits] Yes, they do too.

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Pigs spawn from pig houses. (Player made too?)

Bees spawn from bee cubes. (Those player made bee things too)

Spiders spawn from spider nests. (Eggs too)

Rabbits spawn from rabbit holes.

Fireflies are limited.

Frogs spawn from pools.

Boulders and rocks are limited.

Trees are limited.

In other words, if you destroy what they spawn from, they wont spawn anymore.

Trees must be replanted but there are generally enough trees around to suit your wood needs.

Also, Tallbird nests respawn infinitely afaik.

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so piggs after respawning 3 times at the same house they don`t spawn anymore ? and you have to make new houses ?

That's what Kevin was saying. I know the Pig Men no longer respawn every single morning like they used to, but I haven't had to kill off enough Pig Men (yet) that I've seen houses "run dry", so I can't verify that each Pig House contains a limited number of Pig Men.

Yet. Mwahahahhahhaha!

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Well, that's good to know. Makes normal Meat a bit too easy to get (still) - at least in my opinion - but it's better than it was before, where you could get 6+ pieces every day - and a Pigskin or 2 - just by regularly slaughtering all the piggies clustered around the Pig King.

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Elaborating a bit on what has already been said:

Most things which spawn seem to spawn from a base. Destroying that base stops them from respawning.

Bees spawn from a beehive or a Bee Box. Destroying a beehive gives you a honeycomb, which you have to use to make a Bee Box. So bees are renewable, but Beehives are not. Bee Mines are not renewable.

I haven't seen a Tallbird, but I think they spawn from their nests? In the future tame Tallbirds should be available by raising Smallbirds, but I don't know if those tame Tallbirds will themselves ever nest. Are Tallbird nests destroyable? Tallbirds (and their eggs, and thus Smallbirds) are renewable. If the nest can be destroyed, it's probably not.

Pigs spawn from Pig Houses. I don't know if player-built pig-houses spawn pigs, or if you have to import them. I didn't know that they were going to be a finite spawn, but apparently they are. This may be problematic, as it would possibly mean that Pigskin is also non-renewable. Currently Pigs and all pig by-products (manure, meat, pigskin) are renewable.

Rabbits (Jackalopes? In the game they seem to be called Rabbits) spawn from rabbit holes. You can dig up a rabbit hole, although why you would want to is probably in a future update. Rabbits are renewable, rabbit holes are not.

Butterflies spawn from flowers. Butterflies can be caught with a net, and planted, creating new flowers. Butterflies and flowers are both renewable.

Fireflies are durable, but not renewable. When caught, they don't respawn, but if you make a jack-o-lantern, and smash it before it expires, the fireflies will respawn in the new location. I assume that a miner's hat is terminal, however.

Spiders spawn from spider-nests. Spider-nests give spider eggs if destroyed while at level 3, so Spiders and Nests (and Monster Meat and Silk) are renewable. However, for those by-products to be properly renewable, the nest must be destroyed with bare hands or a Luxury Tool, and the Spiders must be killed in the same way.)

I understand, from these forums, that tentacles do not respawn. Thus, tentacle spots and Tentacle spikes are not renewable.

Cut grass, berries, and twigs are all renewable. Manure is renewable. Therefore all farm crops are renewable, as are backpacks, traps, and straw hats, torches and ropes.

Pine Trees are renewable. Pine tree products are renewable if the tree is cut with a Luxury Axe. Thus Log suit, Boards, Chests, and charcoal are renewable. Tree Guards are renewable, therefore meat is renewable even if pigs become finite.

Boulders are not renewable. Flint and Stone are not renewable. Gold is renewable (if you don't know how, the answer is elsewhere in the forums). So Luxury tools are renewable, all other tools are not. The Razor appears not to have a durability limitation, so while it's not renewable, one will do it for you forever.

Hounds are spawned, as far as I can tell, on a timer, so Hounds teeth are renewable, as are Hounds. Firehounds I haven't met, but they appear to also be renewable, so I suppose the Red Gem is renewable. I think at this point we've probably established that the Meat Effigy and the Amulet are both renewable? I haven't made either.

Frog spawn from ponds. I don't think ponds can be destroyed, so Frogs are renewable. I don't know if the plants that grow on the edge of the pond ever grow back once they are killed. If anyone knows the answer, I'm curious... Also, are they good for anything at all?

Carrots and free-standing flint appear at the beginning of the game, but don't seem to respawn ever. Flint is not renewable, but Carrots are, as a farm crop.

Krampus spawns based on player activity, and appears to be renewable. This would make his sack renewable as well.

I've read on the forum somewhere that Beefalo respawn? If so, they are renewable. If not, well, they are durable in most circumstances (assuming the player wants to keep them alive) so beefalo wool is renewable (it is a good fire fuel and not too bad in the science machine.)

Since there's so much of the game I haven't encountered yet, and a lot of this is gleaned from the forums, I'm sure this is incomplete and probably inaccurate in some specific point. I sincerely hope there will be a Luxury Spear in the future.

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I understand, from these forums, that tentacles do not respawn. Thus, tentacle spots and Tentacle spikes are not renewable.

Well, that sucks.

Since flints (for spears) aren't renewable either, that means you can eventually run out of weapons after many, many fights. And then you'll be stuck with work tools to hit monsters. That's a scary perspective. I once had to kill 2 treeguards with a pickaxe, and that took a very, very long time. I'd be glad not having to do that ever again.

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