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  1. @Alando Wow, they wpread all the way from the forest to the savanna... and in under 100 days. Did you accidently lead them near your base when you ran away from them ? If not, that's some impressive infestation.
  2. There's a big sticky called "Multiplayer" on top of the threads list, with a very visible, grey background. Maybe you could find some infos about... multiplayer mode there ? It's just a guess though, I'm not entirely sure...
  3. Actually, now that I've seen several of help's posts, I'm fairly confident he's just trolling. Not that I have any evidence admissible in court of course, but still...
  4. Where did I say luck was a "fixed value" determined at birth ? Just like one is ignorant as a baby, and develops his brain (or lose it) thus gaining intelligence over the course of his life, luck follows you and your doings. That's something determined by everything that happens to you and around you, something that defines you in your and others points of view. Qualities are qualities, they make people distinguishable and, at a certain degree, they're units of measurement. They're not fixed parameters like those you give to your character in a RPG. You don't get it. All of that is only possible because you're born/living in a country rich enough to equip your town with such services. Try doing that in Somalia, from early childhood. Try finding a job there that allows you to "work for those services". Sometimes input X can never give a Y, no matter what. P.S. : That'll be all. It seems this discussion isn't welcome.
  5. Is it, really ? Luck is part of an individual's quality, just like intelligence, beauty or dedication. The fact that you don't possess one of those doesn't justify you hating others if they have it, or forcing situations that nullify it. I usually don't have much luck myself, but I value it as high as any other quality, even if it's totally arbitrary ("cruel" if I take your word). And no, I don't believe there's any human quality that hasn't a part of unfairness in them. It's much easier to acquire culture and knowledge in developed areas like Europe or the USA, rather than in a starving country of Africa. It's much easier to become an attractive-looking person when both your parents and ancestors have been lookers as well. Etc, etc... You say people never have to work for luck, and you loathe that. Now ask yourself if you've worked for those pretty phone cables running around your neighborhood, conveniently providing you with Internet. From your logic, shouldn't someone remove them ?
  6. Yes, because a line like "^ Doesn't know how probability works" isn't disdainful, rude or anything at all, obviously. Please continue taking me more for an idiot. Stacking probabilities give you a guaranteed drop. If Krampus sack does indeed have a 1% chance to drop, then its rarity is so high that it gives it an added value. Kind of like very rare mounts in WoW, if I were to find an equivalent. Lots of players have farmed them, and some of them never got any. That's what made them covetable. That's what made them exciting to farm, in a similar way to gambling, because you could never be sure it would ever drop. You're basically asking for all of that to be removed, just so you can have it easy, with a numbing sense of security. If that can't be called spoon-feeding, I have to wonder what can. P.S. : You're not "the board". I've only been rude (according to you) to a few rude (according to me) posters. Since the Queen update a good number of people have done nothing but whining and/or calling the game ruined, worthless, broken, etc. The large majority of those instances being for invalid reasons. And on top of that, I stumble upon THAT thread, where I'm offered even more whine, for a reason as ridiculously negligible as a goat's sack (literally). I realize it grated on my nerves more than it should have, but for some reason I don't feel my personality is entirely at fault here. I should take some time off the forums. At least I learned the "Wall of Lamentations" that follow an update patch ramping up the difficulty should be avoided from now on.
  7. Thanks for assuming I'm a complete retard, I appreciate it ! I'm guessing I should also assume something similar for you, since you seemingly aren't able to read the last part of my post (spoiler : about LUCK). Although, on second thought, I notice you're complaining about not being spoon-fed a luxury item (which isn't necessary to progression whatsoever). That most likely implies you didn't read simply because you didn't bother. Reading other people's posts that go over 2 lines would be such a waste of efforts after all.
  8. He will. I started my current playthrough with Wolfgang and have meat effigies now.
  9. No one forces you fo farm it. It's not an indispensable item in any way, everyone was doing fine without it before the Krampus patch. It's a luxury item that's supposed to be rare. I don't think it's a 1% drop chance either. The 2 major wikis disagree on that point by the way : the most popular one indicates a 10% drop chance, the other one says 1%. I did kill a high number of Krampi (Krampusses?) before getting mine, but certainly not 100. Somewhere between 15 and 20. The few people that I saw posting about looting one usually didn't farm extremely long either. 30 kills without bag is "reasonable" bad luck for a 10% drop chance. Come back when you've killed 300 of them.
  10. I'm not sure kiting is the problem. Even if the possibility of kiting was removed entirely, people would just go around with 10 logsuits in their inventory and equip them consecutively (which is easy thanks to the number hotkeys). That would be even worse, since fights would come down to log/rope grinding at that point. IMHO monsters themselves need to be buffed. Either their damage and speed (to make the kiting harder and actually punish the player when he messes up his kiting) or their numbers. Like you said, large groups can get challenging. Both of those solutions would be the easy way to fix the current combat system. The hard way would be to create a larger variety in monsters, mix them up, and/or give them crowd control abilities (for example, swamp monsters would periodically bind your feet, spider queens would throw a fluid slowing you, etc). There are great illustrations of successful bestiaries in most Zelda titles, but I'm not sure the devs of Don't Stave want to put such an emphasis (and obviously, amount of work) on the combat system.
  11. That's because they only draw 1 instance of the lateral view for each creature/character. Then they flip it horizontally. That's a bit lazy but I don't think anyone's really bothered by it.
  12. Pigs take 3 days to respawn, so that's not a very effective way to farm Krampus. Furthermore pigs alone aren't enough to summon him, unless you find a village with at least 15 of them.
  13. You're right indeed. I've been playing as her for about 60 days now but oddly enough I never noticed it :
  14. Your OCD is strong. Continue like this. Reminds me of that time I destroyed all of my 20 chests (and had to pick up -> resort everything they contained) just to rebuild them in a slightly better place and align them more cleanly. As for your extra backpack, the only way I can think of to make it "disappear" from the map is Krampus. He steals backpacks (he did it to me once), and disappears after a while, when there's nothing to steal in the vicinity anymore. So you could go in a deserted spot, kill 50 birds or so, and then put ONLY the backpack on the ground (with 1 item in it, just to be sure it baits Krampus). I'm not sure if the next Krampus you summon will have your backpack or not though, I never experienced it.