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  1. Dug up graves don't respawn when you replay a map, But I haven't verified this in the last two updates. Everything else should return to a restarted map.
  2. So I'd like to report that you cannot turn killer bees into regular bees. I tried dropping them and running away for a while. The just rampage around killing stuff. Also Like to share that Kabobs are the best way to heal by far. 2 sticks 2 monster meat => 50 health. So good!
  3. @Namlen: Didn't know you could get specific seeds by feeding a caged bird. Very cool, I'll give your dragon fruit strategy a try. Definitely sounds like a fun way to kill some time. I have no farms set up you see. @SardaTFK: That's a perfect recipe! So easy, I'll also give it a try. But to be honest, It's so easy I'll be very surprised if it really recovers 50 health. I'll probably report back on that, if I'm not feeling lazy. @Little Teemo: There is no long run in the game yet. Peeps who play past mastering their map, apparently don't value there time very much (I'm talking to you if you're past day 50.) I generate a new map for each patch, try the new stuff out, master my world, and then put the game down until the next patch. Basically I don't mind struggling without honey until the next patch. @Lukas: Why did you even bother responding. I mentioned recipes. You'd think I already know food heals. If I was your mother I'd slap the **** out of you for your unnecessary verbiage.
  4. Hey Everyone, I started a new map for the naughty and nice update. Luckily it has 7 tall-birds, unfortunately it only has one beehive which I destroyed after capturing 6 killer bees... didn't realize they were different from regular old bees until it was too late and now I have no means to acquire honey. Being spoiled and addicted to honey, I'm not sure how to easily recover health without it. I have been using cooked tall bird eggs, but they are far from ideal (hard to harvest, not stack-able.) Anyone got any good ideas? Maybe an easy crock pot recipe that doesn't require honey but still packs on the health. Love, Me
  5. It can definitely do better than CS:GO eww...
  6. Yo! Why are you creep'n on me?

  7. Yo! why are you creep'n on me?

  8. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Backpack Stacking Issue Steps to reproduce 1.Equip empty backpack 2.Have empty slot in inventory bar 3.Place partial stack into backpack i.e 5 twigs 4.Pick up a twig Describe your issue Following these steps with any item I've tested. A new stack in the inventory bar will be created, instead of placing the item onto the backpack stack.
  9. One thing that drives me crazy about these mobile poop factories, its there tendency to scatter once discovered. After a few weeks, they will have gone from a tight herd grazing on tufts of grass to solitary creatures spread out through the woods. The tendency is most annoying if you are playing on a map without bridges. It makes harvesting poop kinda annoying, and they just show up in random places like my camp. Farting and pooping and yawning all over the place. Awful.... It would be nice if they were attracted to some combination of; each-other, grass tufts, or grassland biomes.
  10. This drives me crazy! I actually don't even use back packs and this is part of it. Other part being I love my log suit.
  11. When I play, I like to settle down in one spot. But now it seems to do that you now need to be near pigs or beefalo (for manure). So you'll have to explore to find them. It can take a while, and I'd prefer to start my camp right away. Its just kinda a drag that we will be spending so much time playing with poop. Maybe Wilson should poop when he eats enough food or even better petals.
  12. I've yet to see them, however I've read others talking about them. How do you protect yourself and base from flame hounds? Currently my base is surrounded by a ring of trees. It keeps the regular hounds out. Allowing me to fight them one at a time easy peasy. Can you use burnt trees as a wall? What day do they start to show up?
  13. I plant a tight line of trees near my base. You can catch werepigs on it by running around the corner sharply. Worth planting one.
  14. It's easy to forget this is only the beta. I had such a good time with it, I hardly noticed. I'll just patiently wait till its fully out.
  15. I'm fond of the idea where, Maxwell periodically shows up to check on you (as if you were stranded for his amusement.) If you are alive, he makes things harder for you. Gradually introducing difficulties which in turn open up new resources. Eventually, you'll be able to defeat him with the supplies he has inadvertently allowed to you. This will then unlock the choice to go home and end the game. I imagine a portal, that you may pass through of your own free will, to end the game and send you home (Don't pass through the portal to continue your island life.) I feel this idea would increase the game play of Don't Starve. I currently find that after about 40 days, I'm out of new things to do and my long term survival is guaranteed. By changing the game difficulty, with things like monster attacks and resource famines, you can challenge and hold the players attention longer. Then once you are out of new content for the player to unlock, offer them an endgame for a sense of closure and reward. Or allow them to play on and investigate the game as they please. Thoughts? Other Ideas?