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Doodles + Suggestions

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May post more... or not.

Heres some suggestions, feel free to view/get inspired/comment!

Some ancient/harmless or majestic/rare/never seen would be nice to see in the game.


Might be a bit too similar to Krampus (still just wanted to put it out there)

New loot items from fox (suggestion):

common; tuff of fox fur (part of combination to make fur coat or tail hat)

Uncommon: fox tail (part of combination to make fur coat or tail hat)


Why not have him go for your traps?
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Yea in the new Naught and Nice update Called the Krampus

Sorry, I got the game after the naughty and nice update, I got it like 4 days ago.

But if there already is a Krampus, why did he make a thread with drawings? Is it just art? Because he said it was a suggestion...

Waait, it is a Stealthy Fox, but I don't want another thing that steals stuff from chest.

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You should add these to "Suggestions & Feedback", each with its own thread so they can be properly discussed. :)

Okay, I will do that Soon ^^

I don't so much care for the idea of the fox thief, but I do kinda like the idea of the ancient wanderer.

Thank you :3

Nice drawings. I like the fox but then I love foxes.

Foxes are cool and cute!

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