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  1. New videos up, check them out. I got how to's, and more. Comment, rate, and subscribe!
  2. 6 viewers guys, come check it out!
  3. 6:00 - 8:00 Eastern standard time US
  4. Livestream over for the night. I died from a tree gaurd. I will start up new world tomorrow though.
  5. Thanks! Thanks for being there and supporting!
  6. Please check it out! I'm on Day 2. Only one other viewer!
  7. I am making new livestream on Twitch. I'm just testing everything now so pleas come on. Btw, when I start playing, everything I do will be part of a let's play for youtube.
  8. Just got to day 68 and killed myself so I can make a new let's play.
  9. Never mind, it was questioning me about the song I used at the beginning. I got around it though.
  10. It would be great if you could go into leaderboards and see everyones furthest day in the world, and on your friends list. Heck, it would be great if you could at least see what YOUR personal best is... What do you think?
  11. I got some shots in so far. While at that I got to level 4 and unlocked everyone!!! Because I killed myself at Day 70
  12. Guys great ideas, but please format them in a bullet list so I can read through them easy while I make the video. Like this: -Starving -Hounds -Tallbirds -Fire -Etc.
  13. So I got the idea of a video series on youtube. Don't Starve: 1,000 ways to die. I need as many ways to die as possible so please list everything you can think of and it will be put in the video, EVERY DEATH COUNTS! It doesn't matter how stupid or strange it is. So go on and give suggestions! Please list in bullet format Ex. -Starvation -Hounds -Tallbirds -Fire -Etc. Note: Anyone who gives ideas that no one else has said gets to be thanked in the credits.
  14. Would ruin the game with a faster way of transportation. Also, doesn't fit with the time period.
  15. The Last video I uploaded I tried to monetize. However, they didn't approve it. It says I need to provide proof of commercial use rights. Do I have commercial use rights, also, How do I prove it?
  16. Every day a meteor can fall. But be careful, it can land on your stuff, and if you don't mine it in 3 days, the stuff it landed on breaks
  17. It would be stupid if you could die and then just restart the day. However multiple saves on different worlds would be good
  18. If they made expansion packs I would never play don't starve again. They promised every update, we will get every update for FREE
  19. As of now things really don't get harder but maybe they will in upcoming updates
  20. This happened because the debs live in a different time place thing than you. Same thing is happening with me