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  1. Hey guys just making some fan art and getting used to the new tablet before I start a project! Leave me some feedback just remember this is my first time using a tablet to draw...
  2. They said it happens if you didn't update your game and your still on an old world the spider cycle is all messed up if you don't start a new world with the new update.
  3. he's there somewhere but you have to either find him or let him find you!
  4. Go for it I was just bored and tried my hand at it!
  5. Someone said that your naughtiness decays 1 naughty every minute and it takes 20 points of naughty to summon the Krampus? The list of how naughty different things are, is on the wiki I do believe... That's from the wiki.
  6. I think the bridge idea is taking it to far from a survival game and more into a RPG I want to say something of WoW which this game is nothing like it. and also what would be a way to get sand?
  7. How would this ultimately add to the progress of the game? It seems like it would make it almost impossible to survive considering you would have to basically live on nothing for a month which wouldn't work considering they lowered how much hunger certain things fix. Maybe instead we add seasons kind of like that idea fall is a wonderful time, you can harvest a lot, but come winter it happens as you say everything slows down or doesn't work at all. ect ect.
  8. Alright thanks for the advice I'll work on something and put it up here!
  9. I'm not very good at drawing.... but I can free hand an already drawn picture though! Here's my take on the logo!
  10. I see you mentioned a tablet what tablet do you suggest for drawing in photoshop I'm looking into starting that!
  11. Bangin these out like it's nothin! Episode 3!
  12. Let the shenanigans continue...
  13. Or maybe it doesn't have a lot of power for example it doesn't go very far and it's not accurate? and maybe add something new to make gunpowder?
  14. I think something about a spider queen and some other things? I've seen some of the Devs posting on the forums about such things... Spoooooookkkyyyy!
  15. Sweet message me or add me on skype my name is the same on skype as here - - - Updated - - - Yea working on that getting a check Soon from tha tube so that'll help speed things along