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tinco    15

Hi there,


I have few ideas to make DS Together a more fun experience, since there will be more players playing.



As with all survival and every work position in the world - specialization is the key to success. The team is stronger, if each player is specialized in something which gives him and the team benefits in the end.

Where I aim - it would be great, if players had a set of skills they could explore and get better at. I am not saying it should look like some old RPG stuff, loaded with clutter of useless stuff. Just some basics.



- hunting/fighting skills

- crafting skills

- cooking skills

- harvesting skills



- levels of each skills - basic, intermediate, expert

- all skills would be increased by a small amount when the character would be doing the thing (either fighting, crafting, cooking meals or cutting trees or rocks down)

- after some time (up to developers to decide, but should be long, so it is not easy), a player would become an expert and would have some benefits

- benefits could be for example:

        - 10/20/30 % increased damage and armor for basic, intermediate and expert (hunting/fighting)

        - 10/20/30 % less resources needed for crafting

        - 10/20/30 % less resources or time of cooking needed

        - 10/20/30 % less time to cut down or pick up anything


This way players would have another goal and could specify their place in the team of survivors. It is always like that - when few people are surviving, not everyone is making the fire  :-), because they wouldn't last long that way.


Also, this could be even more fun to see some combination of characters and roles they would play in the game. For example Woodie would be the best to use and get some harvesting skills. And Wigfried would be best for hunting/fighting.


What do you think? Would you like some taint of roles in the survival wilderness?

Any feedback appreciated.


P.S.: Another idea, which doesn't concern skills - it would be great to have bow and arrow. Even the oldest tribes had bows and arrows. It is just that simple that this weapon is essential in surviving or killing something from a distance.

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Battal    9,883

The characters already have different and unique abilities that make them useful for different things.  We really don't need to have skill trees.

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tinco    15

I know the characters already are a little distinction among the players. But what if you want to play as the same character as someone else is playing? What will be the distinction between you then?


This may be a good thing for end game. Think about it - the longer you play, the better it would be to have specialities like this. And that is because these skills could be learnt by anyone. Anyone could be the best harvester, hunter, etc.


And it would be all in the background - no need to "put points in skills" or anything like that. It would be just a tiny status of the state of your skills, which would automatically improve over time, when you play the game.

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the truthseeker    1,560

Unfortunately, so not to make it feel like the "haves versus the have nots" if you do or do not play DST, Klei has mentioned they are not making exclusive content/abilities for only DST players (except of course necessary tweaks to maintain play balance like the Ghost mechanic, tell tale heart, etc.) 


However, having a player in co-op specialize in something is a great idea in itself! If Wilson farms meat effigies (beard) while Wolfgang kills spiders and feeds monster meat to pigs to make them werepigs to kill for their resources or farms beefalo for the horns, meat and wool while Wickerbottom researches the magic trees, Woodie gathers pickable resources with tree logs etc. [imagine what Wigfrid and Webber could do when they too with RoG are added to DST!]


This co-operative play would GREATLY establish a base (and the updates from it) a LOT faster than if doing it alone! 

Edit: but if your heart really wants this, I'm sure future DST modding can accomplish that! 

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Monkey_BBZ    22

I like the idea, and :love_heart:  it if it's not fitting the DS's game design ;)

Language, even if it's bleeped, please.


You've got to remember that in larger servers, people can and will join willy-nilly, meaning that a leveling sort of aspect would make people want to only play in certain servers, would make people not want to join new servers and would make people even more upset when they died.

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