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  1. Hello, For the past few months, I have been playing with my brother on our dedicated server just fine. Suddenly, this past week (without any changes to LAN configuration, Router or Server settings), I am getting this error, when I try to go from caves to the overworld: ID_DST_SHARD_SILENT_DISCONNECT Does anyone know how to overcome this? I am backing up all files after each play and when I put them back, it was working fine for few in-game days and then it happened again. We are stuck until we can resolve this and we don't want to loose the generated world. Can someone help me figuring out what this is about? Any google search came fruitless, since there wasn't any solution to this problem, that some few others had. Also I wanted to post this in the bugtracker, but it seems that dedicated server bug tracker needs a password huh... Any help appreciated. @Ipsquiggle caves_server_log.txt overworld_server_log.txt
  2. Hello @ScottHansen, How are you doing about those clockworks and set pieces world gen? Anything new?
  3. @ScottHansen Thanks for help. Yes, I added only the clockworks, but it stutters nevertheless... So maybe there are some clashes with other mods I use? Stutter started after using the mod, but that is something the mod developer needs to attend to. I hope you will have time to fix the set pieces in the base game world generation :). It would also be great if you added more set pieces to the DST game, like pig torches, etc (those on Wiki under Set Pieces). Jan
  4. I sent a message to @ScottHansen, since he isn't following this discussion anymore. Hopefully he'll fix it with the solution I provided above. The above mod is good, but seems it is making our games to stutter (since the mod has so many options). However, if only clockwork spawning method would be implemented there, I believe it will be smooth, without any stutter.
  5. I have found a mod, which spawns clockworks perfectly: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=758921911 @ScottHansen, please include this mechanic in the base game settings. For example 4-5% increase could be base game settings "More" and 7-10% increase could be game settings "Many". This mod spawns clockworks in their natural areas (carpet, marble, maxwell, etc) and makes spawns like these appear more in the world (depending on settings). Hopefully now you'll have clear idea how to fix this in the base game , since the current world generation for clockworks in base game is mindfarting...
  6. For me that is just cheating, having so much gears around. I want balance. The default settings nor the more doesn't provide that however. Hopefully at least one of those settings (default preferably) will be fixed. But out of cheer fun yes, I tried to make some worlds with more of everything, even some of them set to many. Holy crap that was the fastest I died.
  7. I understand that. But it is maybe not a problem that they are spawned outside their spawn points. But the problem is, that slight change to "more" only makes whole map full of clockworks. I tried it on multiple servers. The screen literally can't be seen without a single clockwork. Or make a few steps and there's another one. Everywhere. That is not "more". That is like if they are churning out of a factory nearby :D. But I would be satisfied even if this wasn't fixed. The main bug is still low number of clockworks spawning with the default setting. This bugs me most and should be fixed primarily compared to other things I mentioned).
  8. Thanks for commenting and changing the status. However, it would be great if you fixed it in some timeframe, please keep it in mind when working on hotfixes...
  9. Hi there, This definitely must be a bug. Out of 5 servers (default settings apart from adding caves and making the size of both cave and upper world Huge) - I always got only 2-3 clockworks in the whole upperworld map. And don't tell me there are other mechanics of getting gears. Yes I know you can pick tumbleweeds, you can go to ruins, etc. But it doesn't solve the issue, that there are far less clockworks, than in Singleplayer DS. And this is for more people, thus more gears are needed = more clockworks. If you set the world generator to "more clockworks" (the first higher option), you will get random clockworks ALL over the map. You will literally find them on every few steps, it is crazy. How is this only "more"? And why they are random without any spawn point and carpet and statues? They just roam free the world... It doesn't add them as spawn points, just fills the whole world with them. Could you fix it?
  10. Nobody was asking you anything. All questions were rhetorical and the answers were obvious (maybe not to you). The problem isn't with the programming. Of course if it was only that, that wuoldn't be the reason to keep it a standalone. I repeat - the main reason to keep it a standalone (for me) is to separate the experiences, because mixing it would undoubtedly change the intended game experience designed now just for Shipwrecked. It was meant to be standalone for a reason and if that was decided even before DST came to life, the reason is surely important and adamant. Or do you think you know better than Klei, who already put their work and thought into it for many months?
  11. Surely. But this thread is about whether it is or isn't a standalone and pure discussion about who likes what and where are the biggest advantages. Everyone who wanted posted their opinion and I won't change anyone's opinion. It's everyone's right. I am perfectly ok with anyone wanting it as DLC. I just wanted to state reasons why I want it as a standalone. Cheers
  12. So you're saying you would use SW just for some new things to use in the old game?
  13. I never said that, because indeed that would be stupid. Shipwrecked should remain standalone, because simply it is a standalone game experience, without ROG. Everything is designed to a new world, completely. To the last detail. Why should the developers merge something, that is playable standalone and that has its own story to be told? Why should they mess it up mixing everything to a nonsense blob?
  14. Exactly why it is a standalone and should be left that way. Why have merged worlds, when you know you can't play both at the same time, since they are so different? Seems to me that you just want to force it to become one game just for the purpose of having one save. That is in my opinion a terrible idea.
  15. The way it is now is just because developers can't make it (right now) for the world to be changing when you are in a cave. However, this is of course bizzare behavior, since deerclops should stomp your base to the ground, whether you are hiding in a cave or not. The world should be flowing with the changes the same way as if you were there. That is the intention. If it is not possible now, doesn't mean it should be kept that way in the future. Why would then developers spend so much time on creating dedicated servers for DST for example? To learn how to create a world, which changes on its own with its own actions and events. To make it more real. And a better experience for the player. To have a world changing just when you are around is very simplified, limited and boring.