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What was your overall opinion on the Pax demo?

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Honestly? Based entirely off the one video I've seen, it looked premature. A bare minimum of new mechanics, and little new content aside from what was required for those mechanics. I mean, it looks technically playable and that's a success of sorts, but I saw nothing to get excited about or anything to woo me from single-player. I feel like the build was rushed out the door a bit to coincide with PAX--or at least I hope that's the case and there's far more to be added.


If the final goal is to smooth over the bumps of technical challenges and rebalance existing content, there will soon be little for players to do except PVP and griefing, and neither of those is what I, personally, want from the game. If co-op is to subsist solely of ressurection mechanics, then I'm content with meat effigies. I'm still optimistic, though, that this expansion will be extensive in content beyond what we've seen or heard about. Early alpha and all that.


I've already bought into it, but I'm not in a particular hurry for release as long as it's compelling--and from what little I've seen the PAX build is not. But as I said, it's a technical success inasmuch as multiplayer is working fundamentally.

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