Klei Weekly Dev Cast Ep01

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We're doing a weekly dev cast starting tomorrow! Join us at 3:30pm PST as we talk about the launch of Invisible, Inc., game balance, and discussions of what's upcoming. We'll also take Q&A. 


Here's the link to our Twitch stream:



Here's a handy tool to figure out what time that means for you:



Hope to see you there!



[EDIT: adding the link might help]

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Awesome. Just got around to watching, thanks for the cast.


A couple thoughts off hand:


Regarding "boss" battles:

Make if fast paced high stakes stealth. You're leveled up, you're rolling in cash, but the "corp" has caught on to you, and you're just trying to get out alive. Floor layout (walls and doors) and exit is marked (otherwise normal fog effect). (You don't have time explore in this one.) Exit is at opposite end of the building, with multiple possible routes. Since you are being pursued by guards, you effectively only have one turn (maybe two) to clear each room and race for the end and you can't turn back. Not sure if that would work, but that's a thought.


Regarding board games as design references:

I love that you're using board games as a design reference. You can cover up a lot with good animation and artwork (and you have the best, although your games stand on their own) in video games, but the mechanics really need to work and be stripped down for a board game to work.


Regarding feelings:

You talked about expressing feelings, and I find I always feel frustrated at the stores, because I feel like I never have enough money and it's a negative experience. I get that you're forcing tough decisions, so that you can't have everything, but I feel like I'd be less frustrated if I knew I could pick one thing and only one thing each time. That way it's my decision, and not down to the randomness of what money is laying about in the level at the time. Secondly, it's just a tease when you get really awesome items drop in the store on your first level, and you can't buy them and know they probably won't drop again.


Sort of in the same vein, I really liked the augment safe mechanic in the alpha for this reason. Were they overpowered? Probably. However, they were really tough to get, and forced all kinds of delicious moments where I overreached because I was too greedy, and then almost died, but clawed my way back. In fact, getting back to feelings, it feels a lot better dying trying to get a rare item, than having to just pass it by because you don't have the money (which just feels cruel, and too much like real life). 


Not sure if you've played Hoplite (You should, it's a really crisp pared down strategy game. Hey, Tom Francis, of Gunpoint fame recommends it.), but I really like their skill mechanic. Tough decision every level, but it's always a decision you own. Basically, at the end of each level, you can choose to do one and only one of the following: fully heal, add a hitpoint, or gain a skill (the good ones cost a hitpoint). Obviously there's no hitpoints in Invisible Inc, but I think the idea behind the mechanic could potentially be translated.

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Great points! I'll be thinking about them over the weekend. Especially the idea of what shops should be and how many things you should be able to buy at each. 


I love Hoplite, one of my favorite games of last year! Getting the speedrun and atheist achievements were pure gameplay bliss. 

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I was there for a good while, but guys maybe make your timing more universal for other countries, not just amurica and canada. Here in the UK you started streaming at 12am ;-;

There's never a good time for these. Even for people in America and Canada the stream was during working hours for a majority, and where I'm currently living the stream was at about 5 AM.
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