Winter after 1 day?

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Hello all, I have a question for you because I'm a bit confused. 

 I'm playing on ps4 and I have the rog addon. 

So I started a new game and changed some settings just for fun. 

I changed to start in spring and some others.

So I got my world and just while exploring 

I found an ice box, a chest and a thermal measure. 

It was spring on day 1 so on beginning of day 2 I opened the chest. It was weird it was like a ghost came out 

of the chest?! and I had winter instantly. 

Is that some strange new magic chest thing or what was that? 

thanks a lot for all answers :) 

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Rule #2 of Survival in the Perumbra: Some things are inevitable, so prepare for anything. If you need more time, then run away and keep it busy if necessary.

You did not run away. Best thing is to make rabbit/bird traps at this point... And chop fire wood, you'll need fire.

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I don't have RoG but the same happend to me yesterday. But in my game it was an icebox. After opening there was a voice i normaly only know when deerclops is near and it was immediatly winter. Had burn all the nature to the ground with my torch to get back to my base. 


Hmm or was it after i opened the chest? I am not sure but defintivly it was getting very cold very fast. :-)

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You ever hear of the expression "curiosity killed the cat?"



Well curiousity kills the DS player who opens a chest next to an Ice Box by making it Summer or Winter the next day (based on the clothes found which will tell you what season will come next.)


Now you know to be careful when approaching a "place offering stuff."


Remember that the next time when you see a place with twigs and straw and only "one warrior spider" sleeping or "a bunch of reeds in a nice diamond pattern." 

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