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  1. I got registered . How many days will it take to get the email if I am selected??
  2. Tips for a newbie

    Best thing I can say is Don't ask from anyone . Learn it from your self. handful of practice is better than ton of theory . but here some tips for you . Don't fear to death .Always keep some resources to build a fire source .Use nature against your enemies.Don't destroy the nature .Most importantly Don't Starve.
  3. In reality you could wear both backpack and armor .So I think if we can wear both of the in Don't starve it will be much useful .
  4. It's good that you had made a change.
  5. Good . Also fingers should be black .
  6. Are you going to eat your neighbors in real life too ? It's okay with killing them but eating them . YUK!
  7. I don't like eating other players .But I like burring dead players .