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The official weirdobob mod(s)!


Magical poll made of cast iron poles  

27 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you want this mod?

    • HECK YEAH!
    • HECK NOPE!
    • I don't do mods, I think they are easymoding, I just enjoy stalking the mods forum
    • Wait, is this what it is?
    • Is mayonaise an instrument?
    • I love you, weirdobob. Love me back.
    • I'm only getting this to exploit bugs.
    • I'm only getting this to find the 10+ easter eggs.
    • I'm only reading this option because I'm wonder how funny and random it will be
    • CHESTER!
    • I believe I can fly
    • GLOMMER!
    • I never noticed how much you love tallbirds
    • I never noticed you were sideways
    • Oooh, weirdobob... I never noticed how handsome you were~
    • I work for Klei entertainment. I am very special in every way.
    • Hello welcome to hong kong pick up stix may I take your order
    • Back in my day the only games we had was pong and monopoly!
  2. 2. I'm having a hard time picking out title music, when weird mode is enabled. You pick for me.

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miVpCjUyUwc
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuvpWvvdp2U
    • Y u change my music?

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Bugs so far


weirdobob tends to automatically attack hounds without pressing anything, ultimately leading to large explosions


game will crash when using The Top Secret Dancing Easter Egg with Maxwell then suddenly start playing pan flute


The battleicorn freezes and decides "Ah screw you, I'll despawn" (Very rare chance but still annoying)


Bee mines decide to go ahead and corrupt all your everything


I was planning on adding a whole entire brand new season, the weird season, trees and other items could have a small chance of exploding, and there would be a whole new giant called the weirdobot, a giant robot developed by weirdobob but suddenly decided to kill everything in sight


Also there will be a new item called the tallbird crown, crafted with 5 jet black feathers, 1 tallbird egg, (sadly) and 1 thulecite crown. All it does is make it so everyone can have weirdobob's amazing tallbird-taming ability.


Tallbirds will now drop black feathers





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Does the robot ask the bees if it was to destroy all humans? 

This insanity is why I have open RoG new world slots :-)


I said I WAS going to add it but it proved too difficult and time consuming. Finishing all the art is work enough and bugfixing is hard enough as it is.


I'm also surprised to see that you didn't vote for the CHESTER! option.

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I said I WAS going to add it but it proved too difficult and time consuming. Finishing all the art is work enough and bugfixing is hard enough as it is.


I'm also surprised to see that you didn't vote for the CHESTER! option.

That Chester thing was bestowed upon me.



I like weird over Chester, but do love Chester of course. 

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You- You like ME over Chester? 


You really mean that?


It's okay, I don't hate you either.



Now now, I said weird, not Weirdobob.


I do like don't hate you too (but I'd still pick Chester first.) What I wrote, I meant I  prefer the off-the-beaten path weird idea first--Like how Robot Chicken came into existence from Buffy the Vampire Slayer's  Seth Green and Slow Bob in the Lower Dimensions' (look, another Bob)  Matthew Senreich  for example. 


But if you want me to like a Bob first. Well, Bob loves you. Those who live their non-aware life are Pinkboys and can never achieve Slack!

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Stuff I forgot to mention and keep forgetting to mention!


Hatched tallbirds don't turn on you


Craftable tallbird nest (4 beefalo wool and one tallbird egg)


weirdobob has a similar curse as Woodie but it is only triggered on Orange Moon (A new moon cycle in between the 2 full moons)

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Wht is dis for real? Maybe replace deerclops with a tallbird version? :-)




However, on that note, I will try to get this done ATLEAST at deerclops season, this year. It could possibly run into Goose/Moose season, but probably not.

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New idea I just got!


Lightning armor


Crafting: fight tab, 1 thulecite armor and 2 volt goat horns


Provides protection from strikes... By taking it in to use for your own evil desires! Possibly make it so when something hits you while you've been struck they get electrocuted. 

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I had the best idea any modder has ever had, ever.




Beer, and drunkness bar.


Beer helps take your mind off things (+sanity, slight hunger increase)


but take to much and you get drunk


fainting, walking the wrong way, dropping tools, blurred vision, temporary blindness


In other words,


Stay in beer, don't drink school.


ibq jb drbpp. dpxsfqw cxiip cxl?

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Even though I'm not adding it (I might later) I thought I'd share with you folks what the weirdobot was originally going to do:


-Appear in weirdo season (No, duck season!)


-Be resistant to explosions


-Be able to fire small meteors out of arms


-Have a devastating ground-pound attack


-have a whopping 8,888 hp (Inset Stanley Parable reference here) 


-Drop 20 gears on death, and a hat called "the brain bulb" which had extreme sanity boosts and unlocked all items in the survival, and science craft sections (No not unlimited crafting. Just the recipes.) Until it broke/got taken off.


Here's some other stuff I thought about him having, but realized this would be extremely hard to code defeat.


-fire and ice related attacks


-cause explosions


-Not actually die, but instead break down, and reboot with another "stage"


-stage 2 would be the same, but with the fire and ice attacks, and less delay between said attacks


-stage 3 would be to create nightmare monsters- because why wouldn't I make a robot that can't disrupt the shadow realm?


-stage 4 would be to simply run very fast and smash all nearby structures- truly devastating for those that have large bases, or a local pig village


-stage 5 would be overdrive- everything mentioned previously, but much faster, and an extreme damage buff.


-I would possibly add more loot if I added him (and then added the stages), perhaps another 20 gears, materials to make more stuff (Perhaps your own mini robots or your own meteor launcher?)

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