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  1. Oh my... Your justification for no multiplayer I always happily accepted, and it was a very valid argument... In my eyes you certainly have achieved the goal of creating this amazing single player experience! Anything from here can only get better! I have to much excitement to contain! Thanks Klei!
  2. I can't help but feel the bearger is the spiritual successor to the ursapine ;)

  3. You most definitely have my support! I pretty much play Don't Starve as a base construction simulator anyway
  4. If there's one thing I've noticed with Klei throughout Don't Starve's development, it's that they very rarely put assets into the game that they don't intend to use later... I mean, look at the cactus... that thing was drawn and designed countless updates ago... it's only just seen the light of day! We may not necessarily see 'it' implemented in RoG, but I have little doubt we will be seeing the pyro in some form or another soon... Given that there are prefabs for the flare gun and axtinguisher, I'm going to assume if implemented, it would not be a costume of any previous character.
  5. Are you 100% confident you have the latest version... There has been a few released... Also... I can also back that the image is not photoshopped!
  6. aww... the up & away people get badges... where are our badges for the first ever community mod? :p

    1. ArcticFox789


      Ha! The SuperMod was fun, wasn't it? Shame it ended the way it did.

  7. I see you are using my potion art... (from the very first ever potions mod )? I love how this mod has been adapted like twice already . It's nice to see my potion textures still living on! Please just make sure to credit any of the original authors if you're including any of their works... Thanks for continuing this!
  8. Ladies and Gentlemen, Let me introduce you too... Don't Starve Circuitry! A little something I came up with many months ago now (it's a little late now!) in my attempts to extend the possibilities of adventure maps that don'y require any sort of modding! Put simply, this system allows you to create event triggers that will activate when the player does something, and due to pure luck many different events can be triggered via the system! My explaining is pretty shocking, so instead I'll let these videos fill in how it actually all works! This video goes over the very basics of the circuitry system and then goes into the details for most of the (currently discovered) outputs that can be achieved by the systems use! (a better video detailing the different and exciting input mechanisms is yet to come) Just to prove to you that this system is somewhat useful, the below device I designed can determines what the players sanity is and then [punishes/rewards] them when it goes below (or if you reverse the design, above) a a certain threshold. There are numerous other contraptions I've yet to record, so keep your eyes posted for the following: - Wireless Item Based Event Triggers (it abuses a neat trick with the 'staff_hounds' scenario) - Sanity Reduction Device (destroying items that reduce your sanity remotely in an grid/array to decimate the players sanity instantly) - Proximity Detector (not the most amazing detector, but it works!) - Using a Tall Bird Egg as an input device! (rather obscure.. but it can be converted into a fire signal!) - Down the rabbit hole (chasing lone bunnies to their holes can be used to produce input!) - Hammer activated wireless buttons (Zelda Fire temple anyone? - more specific use of some of the above contraptions/ inputs) I'm currently experimenting with pigs and scenario ridden food items (powder cakes and lureplants that grow meat but never grow eyeplants) to see if they can also be a viable input device! So go, get your dungeon/adventure/moreexcitingthanordinary mapping on!
  9. 63 downloads

    *so this is going to create a second topic just because I went to upload the file... sorry about that, figured I'd clear that all up before people rant about a double post ;P* Original discussion here! In case you missed the original post, here is a run through of the slurtle racing map! Due to request, the map is now available for download. You can now conduct your own slurtle races! *yay* INSTALLATION *if this does not work, please tell me, because I've probably uploaded the wrong files (there are so many!?) * Have fun!
  10. What!? lies... all lies! *jumps out window in attempt to hide truth*
  11. That's an odd reaction to art, each to their own I suppose Hehe, I've had no such luck in trying to convert my pixel'y avatar into anything that vaguely resembles a nice drawn picture... *my amazing drawing skills, yeah!* ...I'll manage it someday
  12. Awesome job Maximum! these are amazing!
  13. Feeling pretty inspired to draw after seeing this! ...this will not end well...