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In the end, Wilson wakes up and is reunited with his children,    but is he really awake?


wait that's inception


But for real though I kinda want to see Wilson/someone else (if not all of them depending on how many endings they're gonna have if any) take the throne and become twisted and corrupted. I mean that sort of happens now but you never actually see them, I want a demon Wilson with a cocky grin and a 3 piece suit. I want the cycle to continue (sort of like it does) until no one has any morals or any semblance of their past self. Or it at least implied that this happens.


I don't want a happy ending really, but I still want someone to "win" but in a twisted sense.


That or a Gurren Lagann like ending, where it keeps escalating and escalating and the bad guy loses by the sheer will of the human spirit and the combined power of friendship. Pic related?




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I still stand by if they escape, they are taken back to the moment in time of which they were about to either accept or reject Maxwell's offer and it's a cliffhanger if they actually remember or not. 2spoopy 

As for Throne replacements, I'd like to see them make their own Adventure Mode challenges and each have unique descents into madness. They share the contorted limbs, but say with Willow maybe she starts sputtering flames like a hiccuping dragon as she's losing control. 

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