The Shadows Call


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hello people of don't starve ............. the time of shadows has come pick you person and prepare for the world of don't starve.




1. people will die

2. minimum cursing

3. minimum romance ( kissing is the most you can do)

4.please keep it under 4 carters

5.two "puppets"  at a time is max

6. have fun!






geni0529- shadow-layla

luivul- willfrend

fixc1976- willamette

menathena- Athena










the most players is 6


the don't starve world is under a new leader .... widow she is much worse than Maxwell. Day is not as long the grue will kill you if your not in broad light. No more mandrakes , everything ( pretty much )is poisonous . oh and watch out for radio activity. 


oh forget about sanity because you wont have any when there done with you

p.s hounds are bears and they are under the control of widow not the other way around , so instead of hound attacks THEY attack





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age: unknown

powers: can control people for small amounts of time, has a bow

cons: shes on maxwells side

backstory: taken into the don't starve world, she survived for three years , but she went nuts , after a failed experiment she became half shade, half human

looks: kind of transparent, bluish gray eyes, black leather jacket with a tiger t shirt , long curly black hair, pale skin, red lipstick, boots,and ripped jeans


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Name: Willfrend

Age:pigs age works differently, but he's old.

Backstory: He was a pigman which was refused from his village for practicing black magic and doing alliances with merms.

Powers: Doesn't hate spoilage, can carry many things, knows many magicals things and spells, merms are on his side.

Cons: he becomes a werepig during full moon, the pig king has put a bounty on him, so he's hunted.

Look: glowing eyes (due to black magic) magician's cape and hat , big tusks and a long, white beard.

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Name: Willamette

Pros: Starts with a Pitchfork - Hounds and Guardian Pigs are neutral towards her - Needs less fertilizer for farms

Cons: Low Health - Cannot attack pigs directly - Cannot eat fish or frog legs

Backstory: A simple farmgirl who got dragged into Maxwell's world.


Appearance: Low cut black hair, pale skin, blue dress, green waistband, blue jeans, straw hat, and sneakers.

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name: layla

look: silver hair , white dress, bare foot, and moon necklace,

age: 1,287

race: ghost

cons: cant hold stuff , cant be in sunlight, and possessions can only last for 10 posts

pros: possession

pet: silver cat ( just for possession sometimes so she can be in the sun for a bit )


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Name: Athena

Appearance: A tall girl with long, slightly wavy brown hair, golden eyes, blue jeans, a long sleeved pink shirt, and a gold necklace in the shape of a spear and shield.

Age: 15

Race: Human (mostly)

Pros: Can turn her necklace into a gold spear and shield (which works well 'cause game logic), limited light magic which is stronger during the day

Cons: has trouble using light magic at night, has trouble managing her sanity, when insane she becomes VERY reckless

Personality: very silly, friendly, lighthearted, reckless

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Going to join. Just wait for a char sheet.


---- EDIT ----

Name: Laurence "Slimey" Smith


Backstory: He is a survivor of islands when Maxwell ruled over it all. After that he had a met with other group. Everybody in died. But not him. Why? One day with that other group he eaten some uncommon food, because there were not any and his body changed. He was like from gel. After that he needed to watch out for water and fire. His friends called him "Slimey" because of his powers and look.



- Each-form body. But still with limits of size.

- Fragmentation of body - he can throw any part of body and pick it up.

- Less fall-damage.



- Too much water or fire and his body can melt.

- He can freeze too.

- Needs to pick up defragmentated part of body or it is useless.

- He still have parts like heart or brain. He need to watch out for them.



Normally he is a tall man in blue jeans and brown jacket with black boots.

His all body is transparent a bit and green.

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