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The Perfect Plan

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I collect as much stuff as I can while exploring as much of the map as I can.


By day 5-7 I can usually start building my base. After I get the science machine, alchemy engine and firepit, I start hunting spiders (if I haven't gotten any silk) to build a beekeeper hat and a couple bug nets.


Start collecting bees and butterflies and build a bee box. After that I'll go shave some beefalo and collect poo for a few farms then burn some trees for coal. Build a crock pot, drying racks then search for gears and get myself an ice box. After that I start concentrating on getting seasonal item (winter, spring and summer gear). Hunt for meat, chop trees for boards, continue exploring until I find a Walrus Camp or two.


Once I find a Walrus Camp, I tend to build an outpost nearby cause I will be hunting there in the Winter. Once I have a good amount of season gear I start preparing for Giants.

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first few day: find stuff, survive, explore

upon finding a pig village: look for a spot not too far away and settle down

upon finding the potato farm setpiece: temporary base, continue exploring

upon finding beefalo: set up small exploration camp nearby

day 9-12 (hound attack): hide in pigville

up to day 15: get a crockpot and drying racks set up at main base, try to get a bird if possible, make proper gear

15-25: prepare for winter

35-40: run from dear clops, both of them (it's a weird thing, never get one afterwards for the next five winters or so)

41-60: rebuild it all, kill the local spider dens

61: start getting bored

107: delete save and start over!

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