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Excuse the pun in the title.


I have found, as have many before me, that when there are beehives there will inevitably be a mass of stingers left in your wake that you have no use for. When there are bee boxes and Abigail, there are even more stingers taking up room on the ground and/or in chests and they sit there... and sit there... and sit there... and sit there...


You see my point. They're practically useless and we are bombarded with the little blighters.





However!!! I don't know what a good use would "bee" for them (oh, dear... I'm sorry).


Perhaps as an addition to an existing recipe? A new item? A reworked recipe?

Let me know what you guys think! :-)




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I would love to see additional recipes using stingers. I always think of a weapon, like the tentacle spike or maybe some kind of armor although I'm not sure how good it would be, but I'm thinking between grass and log armor. Either way, we definitely need more recipes using stingers. 

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I prefer puns like this when they're sharp and to the point. It's a real stinger when they aren't.


I love this pun. I hate when people think they are being funny by changing the spelling of words to match the situation.


Can I bee your honey-rary friend?

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hey! That :

 Wooden club : 2 Sticks, 3 Stingers 

Level of science : 0

Damage : 20

% lost per hit : 2


So a easy to craft spear that does 1000 damage with it's full life(lot less than spear) and a good way to get ride of your stingers.

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I like that you're thinking about weaponry, but I don't think people will opt for a club when we have a variety of tools (e.g. axe) which will deal the same, if not similar damage which can be crafted on the first day and is cheaper than a spear.

Could have an explosive-type thing. Have it fire stingers in all directions, having an area of effect - including on the player...?

It's got to be better than manually deleting the blighters through console...

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but it costs gunpowder and we are searching for a way of using at least 100 darts without having 2 full chests of them.



Perhaps 2 things :

1 : makes the grass armor needing stingers or makes the stinger scalemail.(like 40 stingers and 5 ropes for an armor that's between wood and marble.

 2. with silk : one use mender(not as much as the repairing kit)

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 Me: Hey Klei released a new update!

 Someone: I wonder what it's called?

 Me: Chester Stings Back?

 Someone: Oh yeah I remember, fill chester's inventory with stingers and he will deal damage to whoever attacks him!

 Klei, make this happen.

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