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  1. Suprise bump! *bumps* :3

  2. I hope this answers your question...
  3. It's lovely and sunny outside and I'm stuck inside studying for tomorrow's exam. *sigh*

  4. Yup! If you buy Don't Starve pre-Don't Starve Together (DST), you'll get get DST free.
  5. Ah! Yeah, that's the one! Lol! Tah muchly. ^_^
  6. Will the summer frest spoil less quickly in Snow Chester? I noticed I couldn't put it in the fridge to slow spoilage. Cheers.
  7. Regarding your tip about fighting Dragonfly with the two firepits, does that technique work with endothermic firepits and/or other giants? Or will they just destroy it?
  8. What do you do with monster meat?

    Sounds like a bug to me - it should produce monster lasagne, I think.
  9. Infinite bunny meat?

    It's on Klei's to-do list, but it's low on the scale of priorities; they've got DST to bring out of Beta with as few bugs as possible and some outstanding RoG bugs that have to be squished.
  10. Record System

    I like the idea, but what about when people use mods or cheat with console commands?
  11. No need to get your knickers in a twist. You're not a Klei employee, you're not a moderator. Hakuna your tatas. My best guess is that they're kids under the age of 13, 14 at a push. Kids that age are impatient, it's just a fact of life. However, they'll learn patience the hard way because Klei won't bring it out any earlier, despite their whining. I'm still really excited for this to come out, as I've already expressed. It can be really difficult to stay as calm as we are when you're young and you've known Klei's been working on it since May. Cut them some slack.
  12. TheRetardOne changes to TheReveredOne

    The word "retard" itself shouldn't be offensive as it's a medical term. However, if used in a derogatory sense then it can become the equivalent of using spastic (also used in the medical field) and gay as insults which can be deemed as bullying or being offensive.
  13. So much yes regarding friendly fire. So much yes.Your point regarding the tooth traps is more than justified. It'd be really annoying if my buddy died by traps while we went to the hound panic room. Not sure about how it'll work. Perhaps the grouping thing or perhaps a separate game mode for friendly fire? I don't know how to code games, so I don't know what would run better or what would have a more work:less reward ratio.
  14. I think if your friends stuff is nearby, it should be stolen - onlookers are just as much bullies as the bullies themselves are. Trouble is, what should the radius be? Also, any word on another fireside chat coming up or is this one of those times where the devs will be far too busy to do any of that for a while? Either way, I'm happy; former means we get updates and the latter means a lot of work's going in. Damn, I'm far too hyped for this.
  15. I've tested this and it looks like you're right; the smallbird does nothing. EDIT: I stand corrected. It appears that in order to get the smallbird to attack anything (e.g. spiders), you have to actually perform an attack action, instead of just queueing one. This isn't much use when trying to kill birds, obviously.