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Quickest way to earn research points!


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I've found a way to earn research points the fastest way possible! The only thing you have to have researched is rope! All you do is that all throughout the course of the day, you gather as many grass as possible, then when it hits dusk you head back towards your science machine and make as many rope as possible! Finally you research all of your rope! You'll get 27 points for each rope researched! That's the fastest way that I know how to get research points, if you know a faster way then post a reply!

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By doing that jorell, you will consume the tuft and grass tufts are finite in the game, its better to find something thats infinite so you wont lose anything forever

I completely understand that. But the amount of grass that the world has would probably mean that you'd be able to research everything before you actually run out of grass.

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I've found that doing both at the same time racks up research even faster!


This man is a genius!

Though seriously, researching rope is a good idea, specially since gold is a great candidate, but requires meat,which can invoke the krampus, if said meat was procured at the negative fortune of the harmless mobs( the gobbler is fair game though), and tufts and uprooted saplings are abundant yet finite.

Personally I had regularly used gold prior to the krampus update, but now, what with the looming threat of retribution for my devious bastardry, I think it may be best to stick with processed building materials such as rope and boards, since they are theoretically infinite if managed properly.

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