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  1. I'm guessing 75% wich would make it 15 bucks. I already have access to it threw my bros steam account but eh.
  2. Tomarow is the start of the steam sale. Ill be picking up skyrim at some point in the next week but if someone wants to trade it PM me.
  3. Grave robing worked well for me. Was getting 500 research per run without much fuss.
  4. Please change trapping back to the way it was. At the very least make lethal and non lethal versions of traps so im not spending half my trapping time digging threw the inventory for rabbits to kill. I understand the game is very early and your trying to add new mechanics were you can but this crap is really annoying as a early player that cant take out Beeflo yet. Also...THIS WOULD BE FU@#ING HUGE!..After you pick a trap up it stays on you cursor so you can place it right back. HUGE...
  5. How do you turn rabbits and birds to morsels now?