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  1. Brother was watching Yogs Cast and told me to try the demo. Bought it after playing 5mins. haha
  2. True enough! I just find it very weird trying to pronounce it as Crock Pot. I dont know why. It feels more natural to spell it out as crack pot. I know that its not an excuse to misspell the word.
  3. haha that's amazing! =)) I would say lucky to have experienced something like that
  4. Eat meat or honey or tons of berries. Cooking 2 meats + 2 honey in a crack pot gives you *i forget what its called* that gives you back a lot of Hp and Hunger.
  5. the description for the beefalo hat is that it's smelly. Bestiality? haha
  6. I think the best idea is to keep running and drop meat every where then pick them off as one by one if possible. Or you can run through a field of bunnies and do the same.
  7. +1 for the suggestions. I like the infestation and fertilization of farm plot the best. The beffalos need to learn how to make babies. Just saying.
  8. Don't 2nd-3rd phase trees grow again when they're chopped down?
  9. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Typographical Error with Wendy's lines. Steps to reproduce Just wait till dawn. Describe your issue This is nothing to serious but I thought I'd point it out. (maybe it's even on purpose) but when Wendy says her "dawn" line she says "Darkness will be HEAR Soon. I must prepare". I don't know if this was on purpose or not. Its nothing to serious if it's not.
  10. hahaha well a Treeguard spawned from the self planted forest I made beside my base. That was interesting.
  11. This might have already been fixed but what I found is that the Import button won't be there the first time you use Don't starve on steam. You have to first start a new world and then quit. You should be able to see the import button then.
  12. That's called Balut in my country. haha