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  1. Some people are saying that happened to them, idk if it have anything related to chrome. I dont think it has anything to do with the update since I didnt lost any of my RP, try posting a thread on the bugs section.
  2. Yeah if you have that much you dont need more, but what if you burn them? You wont have not even a single one to replace them. Better play safe.
  3. By doing that jorell, you will consume the tuft and grass tufts are finite in the game, its better to find something thats infinite so you wont lose anything forever
  4. Researching gold nuggets from the pig king is good enough for me, give him morsel meat and he will give you 1 nugget, 15 RP each. Got 11k RP extra and everything researched haha
  5. I think you have to catch them without they being angry with you and wait until they stop the aggro and get another one. I think.
  6. The rabbits will be trapped when they go to any trap placed in they way, if you put a trap on the hole as Soon as they try to leave the hole they will go into the trap
  7. If you dont have any ressurection items such as meat effigies or amulets. You will lose everything you made except your research points and research, you can start all again in the same world or change the world
  8. Oh man, that means one day we will run out of pig skins, or is it only the houses you make?
  9. Yeah but if i do that someday they will manage to kill the tentacle, and i wont get the pig skins that is the thing i most want
  10. That is a good idea excess, but the bad part is i only have 2 swamps on my world, and there is around 3/4 more tentacles only =S
  11. Yes you have, you can only continue the game if you leave it alive
  12. Oh man, so bad my tallbirds glitched and cant return to their nests. That goat guy looks annoying, gonna lose so much stuff haha
  13. Yeah, the thing I most want in that is the pig skin, I tried using the space button to pick up stuff but I would never aim for the pig skin and the pigs ate them before I had any chance to pick it up. - - - Updated - - - Yeah, the thing I most want in that is the pig skin, I tried using the space button to pick up stuff but I would never aim for the pig skin and the pigs ate them before I had any chance to pick it up.
  14. Is it possible to farm silk/pig skin/meat/monster meat, by making a fortress with pig houses and spider nests? Im trying but doesnt matters who win the loot will be eaten. =S
  15. Is that true the pigs wont respawn on their houses anymore after 3 or 4 pigs? Or he meant that a pig will respawn only after 3 or 4 days?
  16. I agree with jay in all except 5, I use gold for RP, if you have a good meat farm around you, its pretty easy to get gold from a pig king.
  17. Im from Brazil (-3 GMT), but does anyone knows what happened?
  18. You can use trap for bunnies so you dont need to farm berries so much
  19. Oh, that sounds alot of work haha. If you have time and patience to do so, go ahead and have fun! Btw if your streaming that can you tell me the link and the time (with the GMT please)? I might watch it
  20. Beat your map? What you mean with that? haha
  21. Yeah, i discovered that when i had only 1 more bird laying eggs, Im doing it now but i want more eggs haha
  22. I dont know why, but when i took the eggs from the tallbirds, they chased me ALOT, after being tired of chasing me they decided to go back, but my map have those merged circles, and they got stuck on the division of them with the sea trying to get back to their nests. So i thought, why not try to attack them or get them agro at me and then run? Well i had that idea a few days later and when i got back they were gone! And their nests remain empty until today. Any idea what happened? P.S.: Im sorry if i dont have the best english, but i try.
  23. I really cant find the import on steam, please help =S
  24. How do i continue my old world in another computer?