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Writhe, Maxwell's only friend

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This was the second mod character I ever made, and the inspiration for my Christmas character Wurbert.


I've remade and will soon release this mod to the public!


This will be one of my last character mods for a while.


So, what is Writhe?


Writhe is one or "Them". Unfortunately for him, he was speshul, and the others bullied him, nearly to death (Meaning they themselves tried to kill him). Maxwell took pity on Writhe, and defended him. And so he sent Writhe out to the wilderness, where he hopes "they" had even just a tiny bit less of a presence there than at his throne room. As a final act of good will, Maxwell gave Writhe his spare coat. Writhe sees Maxwell as a father figure, and wants nothing more than a hug and some friends.


This mod works for both vanilla and with Reign of Giants DLC just dandy!




The dapper young gentleman is out now! Get him here:



Back to working on You Are Being hunted (http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/35911-you-are-being-hunted/) for me!


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This is... MASTERPIECE! I love idea of showing one of "them". Now I can find "them" cuz I know, how "they"'re looks like and "they" will paid for finding Wilson before me!


Sorry :p Just my dark, insane mind thoughs...

I really like this mod. With nightmarestuff it would be better :p

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Well, all the items are done. I just, ah, gotta fix a minor bug that causes the game to crash sometimes for some people (Me & Fidooop so far). All it does is disable all your currently enabled mods when you rejoin, but that's still annoying. And it leaves no errors behind, so I either need to get someone good to figure it out if possible, or re-write the damn thing.


If I don't have to rewrite it, then it'll be released in a few days. If I do have to, about a week or so.

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could we see all his' examination quotes. From Jon's video all I saw was the "bee" puns.

Entering darkness: "This darkness is quite loud!"

Cave spiders: "I saw one with a feather hat, once."

Full fire pit: "This should battle off the darkness."

Honey Ham: "I hope this one isn't sentient."


And I'm still thinking of more.

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Wait, since i'm a dragon doesn't that mean i'm basically a ancestor of the Dragonfly?

You're not canon. However...


"Dragon flies are strange. And dangerous."


Something like, I'm going out now.

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In my opinion, he should have eyes and a more frowny mouth.  Because his portrait has eyes and I'm a nitpicky jerk.

He does have eyes.  They just only open when he's scared or attacking.

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What if he could equip a pair of prosthetic arms, allowing him to use normal tools/staffs if he wants to?

Because that's too predictable and stuff. And it would render his tools useless.

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