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  1. Here is what I am doing step by step, I hope it helps. 1- select a New Game 2- goto World 3- select preset 1 4- change any (Lots, More, Less or None) to Default 5- save as Preset over slot 1 6- the setting I've changed revert to what they were before. -- The slot 1 preset I am altering is an already altered Default Plus I just tested out trying to alter a Default Plus and this is what I found... 1- select a New Game 2- goto World 3- select Default Plus 4- change several settings from More and Less to Default 5- save as Preset over an existing slot 1 6- the settings I've changed are reverted to More and Less Hope this is helpful.
  2. It would be nice to be able to name our presets but not necessary. Here is a problem I found. If I alter one of my custom existing presets and then save it, none of the changes I made are saved. -But- Altering one of the game's original presets and overwriting an existing custom preset works just as you've described. -- Thank You and all the dev team at Klei for my favorite game --
  3. Is there, or will there be a way to delete a saved custom world setting?
  4. He doesn't have an account on the Klei forums so I offered to share it for him.
  5. here is the artists Steam page... I commissioned this piece for my mod character Wolfram (available on the Steam Workshop)
  6. When I'm traveling I avoid carrying anything in my hands. I have convinced myself that I run faster that way.
  7. Nice looking character. She fits the game quite well.
  8. I rarely use a backpack unless I'm in the process of moving to another camp (and then I use the piggyback). I do not like using Chester because I have to stop and wait for him so often. I play on Huge maps and like to move quickly. I play in RoG. I generally carry 8-10 items with me. The difference I see between my self and previous posters is I like to carry a Sanity gain item also.