It's Dreadful, Yet It's Home((CLOSED))


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Canon characters and OCs are welcome!

I will be capping the roleplayer amount to at least 6 rpers, then I'm closing it.

You may RP as many characters as you like, but don't go overkill and add a ton.



1. @Silentdarkness1 with Wilson, Wendy, and Wickerbottom.

2. @Blewcheese with Entropy

3. @ with Susan and Anne/Susanne

4. Myself with Weifell.

5. @geni0529 with ?

6. @Strangerdanger101 with Ayasha

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(Here's one slightly modified from a different thread.)

Name: Entropy

Race: Shadow

Chaos consummation: His abilities grow stronger the more chaos there is around. Conversely, order weakens him.

Shadow form: His only appearance seems to be a man's shadow on the floor. He is tangible, though, one must only align their shadow with his to make physical contact, but this is fairly disorienting for anyone. He can only be touched by things with the intent to contact him, or things he wishes to contact, thus he can phase through walls and trees and things.

Light: He's even afraid of flashlights, so he really doesn't like like light. Pretty much at all. Him being in the light causes much pain and weakness, so he tends to hide behind trees and things. Flat grasslands are difficult for him.

Shadow manipulation: Has the ability to summon shadowy beings/entities to his aid. These grow weaker depending on the "chaos" of his surroundings. The shadow entities are not weakened by light, but cannot create shade for him.


Pacifism: Dislikes violence towards Their/Maxwell's victims. He will only strike back at one if they attempt to attack him, and even then he will try not to injure the prisoner. Additionally, as he had a hand in creating the world, he sometimes can feel remorse for destroying it.


Backstory: he was once a part of Them, be it a large hive mind or many different beings. However, he had something that most of the others didn't. Morals. He didn't feel any joy from inflicting pain on the visitors, thus he was exiled. Now he wanders the islands, helping out when he can.

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(Here you go.


Name: Susanne Aloysius


Age: Fifteen


Gender: Female


Race: The Shattered Human


Backstory: Mirrors are unusual, aren't they? They show us what we see the entirety of our lives, but they never truly show us what we look like to a different individual. They only show a reflected version of the life we have lived. They are not realy objects, yet we humans interact with this reflective material as if they are another being; many have taken their lives in front of it, sealing their fate, and an equal amount of people have talked to their mirror image for inspiration or preperation. The mirror, however, isn't a simple vanity item for one to check if they have food between their teeth; it is quite a powerful portal. Our reflections usually keep us in check, to prevent us from going to a world that is more terrible than our own, but from time to time, we have lost some people to the envy of these creatures. Think Bloody Mary.




Shattered Powers

Fluctuating between wholeness and seperation, her powers are, as suspected, quite scattered between all three individuals. All of their powers, though, lie in the seemingly normal hair pins they tie their hair back with; the glass orb Susanne has can be whirled and expanded into a simple rod, the orb being the topper of the wand. Susan's moon pin, once thrown into the air enlargens into a scythe, the curve of the moon being the blade of the weapon. Anne's sun pin can be spun into a long staff, a large flat sun at the end. Each has different powers, but they are powerful.


Shared Wounds And Being

Of course, there is a drawback for three beings to share the soul of a single individual; the injury of once can harm all three, and thus injures the soul thrice as much. Injuries on the soul are dangerous, and while the wounds can mend, they all leave irremoveable scars.


Appearance: Whence whole, she wears a tight fitting wrap dress, the dress loosening as it near her legs,  the cloth extending down to her knees to allow her to run, a even gray taupe throughout. Her pure white hair, tied back into bunches, accents the color quite well. The only thing off with this entirely normal look is the unusually large glass orb she uses to tie back her hair; the size of the reflective orb suggests that it would be heavy, but it is eerily light.


When seperated, Susan wears a taffeta gown, the top a pale blue and the bottom an extremely light gray, the end of the gown accented with a ribbon of gold. Her hair, now a disconcerting raven black, is tied back with a flat, large crescent moon shaped pin, the hairpin giving off a faint blue glow. Anne wears a jersey maxi dress, the clothing a coral orange blending into a pale yellow nearing the bottom. Her hair, a shockingly bright blonde, is tied back with a flat, large sun shaped pin.


Personality: Susanne has an eerily calm attitude; you could tell her that her family has died, and she would say, with the air of having been asked the weather, that they are now resting peacefully, no longer chased by what has haunted them. Susan is different. She has more of a pessimistic personality; tell her the exact same thing you told Susanne, and she would tell you that they deserved it. Good riddance, she would mutter. Anne, again, is different; she is cheerful and positive; tell her the same thing, and she would exclaim to you about all the good actions her family has done.


Side Notes: Susanne never normally shatters into her seperate souls, but that doesn't mean that it can't be caused; an emotionally powerful moment, such as great remorse or forgiveness for an action, can shatter or mend her soul. That also doesn't mean that she doesn't know who Susan and Anne are; she can talk with them, indirectly.


If Susanne looks into a mirror, the still surface of a pond, or any other reflective surface, she can see the silhouette of Susan and Anne, and those shadows can interact with her in turn; the mirror image can't speak, but they can interact with various objects. The reverse can also go for Susan and Anne, but only if they are together.




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((Ok, guys, I amped it up to 7 rpers because Ophelia's trying to find her way back onto the DS fandom, though it seems I can't have her using Julie, I don't wanna break continuum laws in this RP. I might have her use her sona.))

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Name: Ayasha

Age: Eternally young, exact age is not known but (obviously) looks young

Gender: Female

Personality: Usually kind, but gets angry easily. is always honest and cannot tell a lie, even if its for her friends.

Abilities/Powers/whatever you wanna call it: Two forms, Red Hound and Wolf.  Red Hound form catches on fire (on her back) if she gets angry enough or sometimes it happens randomly. The wolf form can walk on two legs, but runs faster on all fours anyways. She has sharp claws and teeth in this form, and can run pretty fast,. but that is pretty much all she can do in this form. She can run for a long time, though. She cannot change forms at will usually. (It is very rare and she must almost always be focused to the max)


The following events cause a form change:

Full moon: Changes to the opposite form, and makes her feral for a few minutes. (Was originally few hours, was toned down.)

Mood: Anger can cause red hound form, being calm will turn her into wolf form.

Time of day: Turns into wolf as soon as night starts, if already at wolf form, becomes Red Hound form and sometimes goes feral for a minute or two. The transformation from it becoming night does not always occur.


Appearance: In Red hound form, she looks like any other red hound. In Wolf Form, she has mostly grey-ish fur with white fur on her ears and tail. You already know she has sharp teeth and claws. She is about 5 feet tall in wolf form when standing on two legs.


Backstory: Generally what you would expect, cursed and tricked by maxwell.


Notes: In Red Hound form, cannot speak english at all. Can most of the time speak english in Wolf form but not always. (It happens rarely though)

When not speaking english, it sounds like barks/howls/whatever.

Most of this was copied and pasted from another thread.

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((Ok, since Ophelia seems to be too caught up in her Hetalia business, I'll just go ahead and try to get up a good bio for Weifell, since everyone else is putting up bios, despite my saying there's no need to put up one -_-))

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Name: Weifell.

Nickname:  The Cursed Boy

Aged 13, Male.

Species is Furmean.

Born April 13, 2001(oooh Friday the 13th. No wonder. The Bio is more than explanatory.)

Personality: He is quite a nervous wreck, and incredibly paranoid about getting killed, after being the witness of death after death after death of anyone that’s come into contact with the people he knows. His attitude towards others is normally that of fear, and he is desperate to find the luck to not get people indirectly killed again.

Biography: Since birth, Weifell has had the worst luck in befriending others. The main reason behind this is because whenever he so much as tries, they mysteriously end up dead after a certain length of time. This has caused him to become extremely paranoid. One day, he ended up acquiring a small blue crystal which seems to have made his luck improve slightly…but the rate people were dying did not decrease. Casting himself into exile, he came across Maxwell, who promised to end his streak of indirect murder…of course, this landed him on the island…this luck has partially become an advantage, as certain mobs end up dying after encountering Weifell.

Overall: He is an earthborne underground-type Furmean. He stands at 4'11, and weighs about 96 pounds.

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