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  1. Here y'all go! Part 14!!!!! Wow 14 already? jeez, anyways expect another part later tonight ;;)) Have a lovely day! Seth; Dark blue Spidena: Red Emma: Yellow/Gold Emma: Are you still going to sing me a lullaby?!? Spidena: Yes Sunshine, I'm coming!
  2. Hey guys here's a master list for the comic! There will be a link to this list on the first post of this thread too! This list will be updated every time there is a new part, and there will be a link to this list in my signature so its on every comic post!
  3. Pfft- you seriously read my mind, i'm creating a master list right now ;P
  4. Ah sorry that does seem confusing, probably why I cut it out. It says 'I tried' as in he tryed to protect Geni, but there were to many men. Does that help clear it up?
  5. Possibly... And he's saying " I-I'm sorry I tried! There were just hundreds of men!" You were really close though! Im surprised you could read that :3
  6. Hey guys here part 14! Are you enjoying the comic so far? We kind of started off at a very dramatic point so I wanted there just be some nice exposition and fluff, after all it can't all be angst (yet ;3) Anyhow I noticed the way I drew Spidena standing, it kind of looks like she's doing 'BOI' and as a memer I felt I must mention this. Spidena: Red Emma; Yellow Seth; Dark Blue Anyhow, here is what the comic says if you are having trouble reading it! Spidena: How could you let that happen to our daughter!?! You- You- You blithering idiot, You- Emma: Mooooom!
  7. Names are terrible honestly, I feel you. Personalitys have always been easy for me though because most of theses characters have real life inspirations :3 I really like the pupils too, it's kinda something I'm on the edge on putting in the finalized version but I'm not sure about it yet. There is sorta a reason the dialogue is slightly different. The storyboard is just me either summing it up because I don't feel like writing or writing how I would say it, however when I write the dialogue for the finalized version it's how the characters would say it not me. Does that make sense? I feel like that doesn't make sense.
  8. Hey guys! So this next part ain't the best because im running on like two hours of sleep but I really hope you guys enjoy it! Seth- Dark blue Spidena- Red Emma- Yellow Also, due to remarks that have been made to me in the past I feel I must explain a certain characters name. There is a character named Geni in this, now I know that sounds narcissistic or childish to name a character after myself but these characters (Geni in particular) are characters I created years ago when I was seven or six. As I grew up they became more three dimensional and not so cringe characters, but because some of these characters are so old certain things I just cannot change. I have tried for the longest time to come up a different name for her but NOTHING felt right, so despite past mockery of having a character with my name I have decided that there is no other name I woukd feel satisfied calling her by. So I introduce the first mention of one of our main character in the comic, Geni. if you are having trouble reading it, it says: Seth: The battlefield gets worse every day, casualties on our side are worse then ever, and the council is considering surrender. Spidena: What!?! Seth: It gets worse. About a week ago an attempt was made on my life. I survived but our other daughter, Geni, was blinded on one side. Spidena: Oh my god!
  9. Why Thank you! Anyway, Here's Part 12! Also, I'm quite busy the rest of this week with a choir recital tomorrow, then a play I am in on Thursday, and on Friday an overnight fieldtrip, so if there are no new pages its probably because i'm too busy ^u^; Dark blue: Seth (brown hair) Red: Spidena (Black hair) Yellow/gold: Emma ( Blonde hair) If you are having trouble reading that last one its Spidena going "Why are you here all of a sudden Seth? 5 MONTHS with no letters, no communication, then you just walk in here in the middle of the night?!?"
  10. These two look a little wonky because I was trying some new angles, but there are certainly good parts to it too, I love how the shadows came out on this one Dark blue: Seth (Brown hair) Yellow: Emma ( Blonde hair) Red: Spidena (Black hair)
  11. No, they are not divorced, just fighting for reasons you will soon find out ( it took me a day to think of how to respond to this :-:)
  12. Hello, Hello, Hello! How fitting that spider mom appears on mothers day! :3 ANYWAYS! Here's part 10!~ Red- Spidena ( lady with black hair) Dark blue- Seth (brown hair) Yellow/gold- Emma (blonde hair)
  13. Yup! In fact, here's part 9
  14. OH CRABS I ALMOST FORGOT! Here is the original image
  15. Thanks! As you can probably see I had a whole lot of fun messing around with the shadows and lighting That's strange, I was actually going to put that as a caption but decided against it. Anyways that's the feel I was going for so :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))