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    I'm gonna stop lying to myself and telling myself that I'm still a member of this community. I'll pop by every now and then, yeah, but nothing like it once was. I haven't got the time anymore, junior year is being rough with me. It was fun, Klei. The reign of Blewcheese has come to an end.
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  1. Oh! Streetcar!

  2. I've got a single light, but trying to put in other people's code only brings me back down to zero. Is the only way to get more lights to have others put your code in? Do we just gotta try to elevate a couple people?
  3. I inputted SilentDarkness's code, and recieved one glowing light as a result. Maybe we need more codes from others?
  4. What? What do you mean it's not 2016 anymore? Who made that crappy decision?

  5. *poke*

    New profile pic, man


    1. Blewcheese


      look man this one looks too pretty to want to give it up and changing a 6 to a 7 is too damn hard

  6. I don't have anything meaningful to say here but Halloween is over so I figured my most recent status shouldn't be about that. So, yeah. This. Exists. Yup.

    1. Chris1488


      What? I must've missed the memo.

      Halloween never ends.

    2. Blewcheese
  7. Happy Halloween, you weenies.

    1. GiddyGuy


      But I'm a double cheese burger according to @LiptonPee!

  8. Hey, Sp00kytime™ is just round the corner! Happy sp00ks© to all!

  9. (Got it. Thanks, friend :D)
  10. (Thanks, pal! 'Preciate it. So, does this mean I've done a wrong by just appearing at the entrance to the museum? Is this a mistake? Takebacksies?)
  11. "Hey, guys, wait up!!" Blew stumbled into the odd building, panting. He'd been left behind, back by the McFronalds, but finally caught up with DM and Astor. "What's going on, again? Where are we?"
  12. so, ehm...

    *awkward cough*

    ... Anyone here play town of salem?

    1. Youknowwho


      time to time, yes

    2. ImDaMisterL


      I tried it, but it wasn't my thing.

    3. Chris1488


      10-minute-mafia. It's pretty cool.

  13. (I'm fairly certain Blew was sitting by Kestrel, Barley, and Zenna, but I'm not sure who's come and gone in that time, nor am I sure if Barley was ever actually at the table.) Blew watched Kestrel approach the cashier, silently rooting him on, before shoving his face full of food.
  14. "Never heard of France? You're weird." He chuckled. "I'm from Portland, in Maine." He looked around. "Gotta say, it's much warmer here than there." (edit: no one saw me mess up)