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A question about caves and RoG

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Hi! I just spent a great amount of time playing as Webber (my new favorite character). I haven't been keeping up too much with the mechanics on overheating and caves, because surviving summer and exploring the map occupy me enough as is. Anyways, in my second summer I was overheating and decided to go underground, because I thought the caves offered protection from the seasons. As it turns out, this was not the case, and much to my dismay I died a rather pitiable death. My question is will seasonal effects penetrate caves? Because in regular DS seasons other than winter are optimal for exploring caves, giving enough time to prepare for and execute an exploration. Generally, there are limited choices a player has when exploring caves (pick 2 of having either storage/sanity/light). Adding another element (ice hat/watermelon hat) that needs to be fulfilled to traverse caves makes it darn right inconceivable to profit from going down there much less explore for extended times.  

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For all those who haven't been in the caves/ruins during spring, summer and winter, I highly suggest you try to go down there for a prolonged period of time, even make a cave outpost. You should find out soon enough that the bonus resistance to heat / cold Klei gave us when being down there is way sufficient as it is (if not too much). I rarely (if ever) have issues with weather in the caves and I go there during any season.


-The wetness meter goes up so slowly during spring that you can basically bring an umbrella in your inventory and only use it once a couple of days near a fire to dry up (add a pig helmet for optimal drying). In fact, we can even go down in the caves with a raincoat and entirely ignore spring weather.


-Summer was a bit more problematic before last update. You had to carry with you an icecube and use it periodically to cool down while having an alternate light source (other than miner's hat). Now, you can still do this strategy and carry it in an insulated backpack for infinite durability (minus the time you actually use it). You can even bring some ice in the insulated pack to repair if needed. But what really helped us last update was the addition of the summer frest which, when combined with the natural cave resistance to overheating, makes it really easy to explore during summer. You can also carry a thermal stone and cool it inside the insulated pack or an icebox from your cave outpost and you are ready to go! I haven't mentionned snow Chester, but he is also a portable icebox.


-Winter is the same as ever. Bring down a thermal stone + good old puffy vest and you are more than operational for cave exploration during winter thanks to the additional cold resistance that caves grant us. If you play as Wilson or Webber, it's even easier with the beard.


Overall, it's necessary to have weather in the caves/ruins for the reasons mentionned by others, such as to avoid people from fleeing in the caves during summer and winter. However, the heat and cold resistance we have in the caves/ruins make it so that we still have to deal with weather, but to a much lesser extent. If you prepare yourself before going down in the caves, it will be much easier and enjoyable! =)

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While I found the weather effects in the caves to be a bit annoying, I can attest to what @NeoDeusMachina is saying. The weather effects in caves are not nearly as pronounced as it is topside so it's more than manageable.


Though, I still wish Klei would've found another answer to counter people attempting to dodge the heat of summer or chill of winter.

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