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  1. No trailer? But thanks for all the hotfixes!
  2. I recently thought about campfire(s), and I noticed some irregularity. The less efficient one only requires grass and logs and the more efficient one includes rocks and logs. Can anyone in real life make fire without a flint in these ways?
  3. Most Annoying Monster To Fight?

    Didn't put in hounds, pigs, merms, or bunnymen. If I had to pic, I would say the big tentacles. You also forgot to put in tentacle.
  4. For Wendy's ability I think that being able to use nightmare fuel to summon her sister is reasonable. Another idea is when her sanity is low there is a higher chance for her sister to spawn, whether it's day/dusk/night. Whatever is decided upon, her ability's unpredictable nature is a big turn-off to most players when they have characters like Wilson and Wickerbottom as alternatives. Somehow she should be able to spawn Abigail whenever she wants, but there needs to be a cooldown so it can't be abused.
  5. Planning the next update

    Is there a specific thread were we can debate about which characters are OP/OU and suggest modifications, or do we do it here?
  6. I Fear to explore now :(

    Currently what works for me is having the walking cane so I can outrun hounds. I use a combination of tooth traps and a pig village I created to take care of hounds (the tooth traps normally gets it done). I'm on day 200 and just made a big move to a Savannah biome with a large amount of beefalo and brought a whole bunch of things in my inventory, piggy backpack, and chester (plus some precreated structures). I did it on the day hounds are scheduled to attack (every other day in +100 days), and I planned ahead. It's about planning ahead, you need to know when they might strike. After they strike is the best time to get anything done, be it late exploring or boss killing.
  7. Nerf rabbits...

    The AI has been improved to the point of you needing ingenuity to catch them (by that I mean traps or smarts). Killing one out in the open scares all rabbits around you. And if you're going insane you will only get beard hair, monster meat, or nightmare fuel. Lastly, they are rabbits; they multiple like crazy. Stop trying to ruin game mechanics for less experienced players. If you're so uber pro, play without killing rabbits.
  8. Adventure Mode Progress

    I haven't gotten past world 2 yet. So after a couple attempts I've finally gotten back to world two, except this time I saved and quit on day one as fast as I can and decided to practice in sandbox mode. I've died on 3 separate attempts in sandbox mode, and only managed to collect one teleportato piece in one of the attempts. Now I understand that the conditions are not similar enough to provide an accurate prediction of my chances in my adventure w2 file, but at the same time they do provide one thing: a look into how I would fair if I didn't carry all my current items in the w2 file. It is pretty damn hard. When I did die in previous w2 attempts, I was offered an option to retry but without all the advancements from w1. Is there a way to change this to retry with them? Also I remember in the previous update I was given the option to pick a different character when transcending from w1 to w2. Why was that removed?So far I believe the only way I'll pass w2 is after practicing several attempts (probably several hours) in sandboxC with the the king of winter settings on. And I see no reward in practicing for hours for a level whose mechanics could probably fundamentally change by the time I'm accustomed to the current update. Endless winter is a great concept though, perhaps I've just been having bad luck.
  9. If you want to back it up a bit of updates, you can look at klei past videos and make a custom sandbox best reflecting the update you want. You can take out winter. I hardly have enough time to play between school and work, but I make what time I have count. Really being months behind is more on you than klei. And it's a game in beta. Updates are part of the purchased features. If you didn't want something like that you might've purchased it on full release. I personally enjoy having so many things to do and explore in this game, even if I haven't looked into everything (I haven't even made candy yet). You are in no need of help, you just feel overwhelmed by all the features.