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Harvesting Honey Silently

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Bee Farms Are Not In My Job. I Am Quite New With Those And I Wonder If There Is A Way To Harvest The Honey Without Bugging Them... I Am Wearing My Beekeeper Hat For Minimum Damage Taken. Every Time I Harvest I Run Away So They Won't Attack Me And Sometimes They Land 1 Or 2 Shots. Is There A Way To Harvest But Not Bother?

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Why did you capitalize every word? Seems like it took a lot of effort :/

Lol I Do This Sometimes To But You Know Habits So Um Btw Guys Burning Or Gundpowder ... Why Would You Do That Wouldnt You Want To Farm It? To Be Honest I Dont Usually Encounter Bees All That Often But When I Do Ignore Them.

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