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  1. Hey thanks for the tips, looks like i don't have to abandon that save
  2. I hired seven pig guards and went into a mant hill. After going from the first room into the second room all of my pigs except 1 were spawned in the room but me and the other last pig were spawned trapped in the wall. I could run all around the endless space around the room, even to the point of the room contents being despawned, but i couldnt pass back through any of the doors or get into the room by any means.
  3. Minor suggestion i have would be to change the yellow on his robes to red, i dunno i just think it'd look better, a darkish red of course.
  4. What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen tallbird?
  5. So essentially you're not willing to be challenged by the actual game so you only play with many unbalanced, gameplay aspect nullifying mods? is that what you're getting at here? That's definitely what it sounds like. Mods aren't a terrible thing, in fact i'm really liking how some of the collaborative mod projects are looking, but i find mods such as infinite durability and too many items to be absolutely despicable, and it was your own choice to use those mods, it isn't the mods fault if you no longer find the game enjoyable. So shoo with your complaints i say, return from whence you came.
  6. A Bearger was going to spawn, so i went over to my bee boxes to ensure the Bearger didn't get to them. When he spawned and i didn't see him coming or anything, so i went to check if my main base area was ok. It most definitely wasn't, the Bearger had destroyed the entire base. I put it to sleep thinking "it's ok, after i kill him i can just rebuild my stuff" not realizing that when i lit the slurtle slime, the fire would spread to all of the stuff that had come out of my broken chests, and the materials i was going to use to rebuild my base structures. From that time on i surround my base in stacks of 10 honey so that doesn't happen ever again because it was the most frustratingly avoidable and most devastating incident i have ever experienced in Don't Starve.
  7. Ok then, keep up the good work you guys
  8. I was using it from the steam workshop.
  9. When i went up and away it wiped my Chester inventory clean, and again when when i came back down
  10. I just took a look at all the cool stuff you guys have going on with this mod, very cool indeed. My suggestion is coconut trees, and when it rains on the surface world there could be a chance for a coconut to fall down . It'd be perfectly silly to have tropical fruit growing on palm trees in the clouds. And during the static coconuts could fall off and become hostile like little bircnutters, coconutters . Also i haven't seen any plans for a new armor set around here, i'm thinking a pea pod helmet from Beanlet drops would be pretty cool, but otherwise i can't actually think of any body armor that might be fitting.
  11. Story of my life, carrots are off limits. Also i always put my endothermic fire pit and regular fire pit together, with a lantern in the middle. It's rare that i'll ever touch the lantern, it may as well be a potted fern for how little i have ever used it.
  12. Yes that's what i thought that portal featured in 'the way' might be, the way to multiplayer. Kind of like the doorway to adventure but it places you in a multiplayer world.
  13. Whilst i am for the most part a single player kind of guy, i'm pretty psyched about this news. But what i'm wondering is will the teleportato be changed for the purpose of multiplayer or entirely removed? Because i think having a string of generated worlds that you can travel to through teleportatos would be a great idea, and when i say string i mean from each teleportato you can access 'adjacent' worlds, so as to give exploration and 'personal space' whilst still keeping the world generation the same. Also is the portal featured in 'the way' actually going to be a feature or was that just for the grand reveal? Is that portal going to replace the teleportato in multiplayer? I have so many questions, can't wait until we can learn more about how this multiplayer will be.
  14. You sir, are a true gentleman scientist.