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  1. Mysterious notes?

    Broken Age...cliffhanger...Shay...
  2. Your base!...After it gets destroyed!

    Well that escalated quickly...
  3. Your base!...After it gets destroyed!

    Now you do, my signature is effective.
  4. Your base!...After it gets destroyed!

    Alt + F4, doesn't save your game, reloads your last saved moment. Like a rewind function. It's cheap though.
  5. About Tree Guardians...

    No, hug it. Hug trees.
  6. About Tree Guardians... Includes most bosses of the game, few with vids. Also, its just a living tree, you can chop it down for end game tier logs. Cheers!
  7. What is your favorite song in RoG?

    This is mine: O wait..
  8. What is the Varg?