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  1. Use the Morning Star code and remove the durability and wetness modifier if that's what you are looking for. It is a weapon that emits light.
  2. I can't help you with the coding, but why not reference the lantern or morning star? Both are equipped in the weapon slot and emit light.
  3. Yeah, clearly he didn't know lol, but it was also incorrect to tell people that multiplayer was off-topic, since the announcement could be about anything... But I am not here to criticize, I just ask that he builds some bird traps and catches 2 more crows for Wilson, since he just got done eating the other ones...
  4. Yeah, I am guessing that these other characters were already there or pulled into the world in a similar way as Wilson was... I don't think Wilson is pulling more people into the world, just transporting them, but who knows... If I was Maxwell, I would bring multiple people into the world, not just Wilson. If he has 2-4 people in the world, there's a better chance that someone will...
  5. Well for everybody that thinks multiplayer is stupid or doesn't fit the game, think about this... If you were Wilson, don't you think you would get lonely and try to find a way to find others in this world? Wilson is at the point where he thinks there are others and is trying to find a way to get together with them... So asking for multiplayer and getting multiplayer actually fits into the story and advances it quite nicely...
  6. Well I'm guessing there will be some video to announce it, along with story explaining how Wilson figured out there must be others brought into this world (based on skeletons being around and such) and that they could work together to survive and get out.
  7. I believe you also owe an apology...
  8. I think an apology is in order...
  9. So it's gonne be a Don't Starve Undead mob? Wilson thinks he is building a doorway, but it actually brings in zombies from the graves and every mob you kill you need to burn otherwise it turns into a zombie dog/pig/deerclops and comes after you again at a really slow movement speed?
  10. Well this thread should be locked then, because every speculation about lore, multiplayer, whatever is off-topic. So back on-topic. Are the mysterious notes still in the game and can they be burned for fuel?
  11. What is on-topic in this thread? Isn't every post a conjecture about what's coming to DS or who is in the doorway or what this whole thing is about?
  12. Well I see characters coming through a door, so that makes me believe some are coming in. Whether this means multiplayer or not, idk, but you can't say Klei can't make multiplayer work but people can mod it no problem. Maybe they will be increasing the map size and allow you to switch between characters at different locations on the map? So not multiplayer, but multiple characters can be played. No one knows at this point, so it could be multiplayer, it could be an ending, it could be a sequel. Only Klei knows, so I'm not ruling anything out.
  13. I have been away and just catching up on what I missed the last few days. I'm guessing multiplayer now, which would be sweet. And for all those that complain that they "don't want new world DLC" or "don't want multiplayer"... you won't be forced to play it, so don't worry.
  14. still works fine
  15. I think it would be naïve to think they aren't always trying to think of more DLC... that's where you make money... Not to mention they are starting to build the DS brand (Collectible Figures, Chester Plush), new characters, mobs, storyline = new marketing possibilities and expanded fanbase... Unless they think Invisible, Inc. is going to make them more money than another DLC for DS, but I can't imagine they can think that, even though the game looks pretty fun.