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Don't Starve Update Notes - Feb 26 2014


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  • Developer

Hey, we've pushed a build in preparation of the upcoming DLC "Reign of Giants".


Bug Fixes:

  • Various fixes and optimizations seen on the PS4 version of the game.
    • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when the player tried to use the "Deconstruction Staff" on an open chest.
    • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when depleting the "Star Caller's Staff"
    • Fixed a bug that caused the player to land where they died when re-entering the caves after a death.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Wes to show up less than intended while playing adventure mode.
  • You can no longer sleep in a tent when your hunger is low.


  • Added support for DLC.
  • Top Mods screen now randomly displays 5 mods pulled from the top 20 mods instead of simply showing the top 5 mods.
  • Added several new options to the world customization screen.


Known Issues:


We know that his update has caused some crashing issues with certain mods - mostly character mods - and we're working on a fix. Disable mods if you're experiencing a crash.

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  • Developer

We pushed out a fix for some issues.

  • Character mods should work again!
  • Removed Unicode support to avoid issues with language pack mods.
  • Fixed a crash in hound mounds.
  • log.txt now properly logs.
  • Removed several mods that were shipped accidentally.
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it seems like ,after my game was updated, each mod is considered out of date but one: Always on Status works, all other mods are not. Please fix this again. can't play the game now TY

Just go into the modinfo files of them and change version to 5 ._. some mods are not gonna work cuz a change in some structures but most character mods still do. You can still use a mod even if it says out of date.

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